Vampire Survivors

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Vampire Survivors is a time survival game with minimalistic gameplay and roguelite elements.
Hell is empty, the devils are here, and there's no place to run or hide. All you can do is survive as long as you can until death inevitably puts an end to your struggles. Gather gold in each run to buy upgrades and help the next survivor.

The supernatural indie phenomenon that lets you be the bullet hell!
Platforms Xbox One S/X, Xbox Series S/X, Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS
Developer Poncle
Publisher Poncle
Player Count 1
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Journal Entries

February 8th, 2023

Being able to sit back on the couch and make my way through Vampire Survivors has been amazing. I wish I could explain the appeal of Vampire Survivors, but as I have already mentioned it sounds like a boring game, then you play it.

Being a few weeks now, I was expecting to start dropping off playing. But when I reach for the Steam Deck, Vampire Survivors is usually loading before I decide that’s what I will play!

20230208 - Vampire Survivors - Still finding new things to discover and play with
Still finding new things to discover and play with

It doesn’t matter what sort of mood I am in, Vampire Survivors is a great session. I can just run through a previous level and have fun, or look at achievements and see if I can play with a goal.

The quick-fire unlocking of achievements has still slowed. But I am slowly getting close to Completing Vampire Survivors. Maybe this will be my first 100% Steam Achievements game in a very long time.

20230208 - Vampire Survivors - Slowly making may way to a potnential Completion
Slowly making my way to a potential Completion

February 15th, 2023

Another week, another few rounds of Vampire Survivors on the couch. I have been having a ball with the game itself, and last week there was an update adding some more content.

This got me thinking – when do I finish Vampire Survivors? Normally, I call a game finished when I beat the final level and see the credits roll. This scenario doesn’t exist in Vampire Survivors though.

There is also the small hiccup of clearing a level doesn’t mean you have finished with it. Part of the joy in Vampire Survivors is exploring old ground to see if you unlocked anything new.

20230215 - Vampire Survivors - things have gotten a little weird
I expected Random. I did not expect Random to be an actual playable character!

What got me thinking of all this? Well as well as new content, there are now more Steam Achievements! The bar moved! I am still working my way through the list, but this triggered thoughts on when I call Vampire Survivors Completed. You can’t Complete a game without finishing it, surely?

With console trophies and achievements, it’s a lot easier. Finish all the original trophy requirements, and you will unlock the Platinum (if available) or have the 1000G score. Anything added after this, and it is shown on the list.

20230215 - Vampire Survivors - So Close
I might need to start looking up how to do some of these. Next week maybe.

But Steam Achievements are just a long list. That dream of 100 %ing my first Steam game in ages has been snatched away. I can’t complain though – it’s in the best way possible. Sorry, you couldn’t 100% the game because we keep adding to it for free!

So am I still enjoying Vampire Survivors? Absolutely! And it’s perfect as a beefier handheld experience. If it can handle it, I think the next big breakout console for Vampire Survivors would be the Switch. One day maybe?

February 22nd, 2023

Well, I have done it! Vampire Survivors 100%! At least as 100% as I can make it at the moment. But I feel like there is more under the surface!

Being able to sit back on the couch with the Steam Deck coupled with the easy gameplay made this a natural fit. It is the most expensive way to play the game though, so I don’t recommend a Steam Deck just for Vampire Survivors!

20230222 - Vampire Survivors - Achievements Complete
So many achievements! But most just encourage you to play with different characters

Going forward, I will keep an eye out for updates to see if anything new comes out. There has been a fairly steady stream of content for Vampire Survivors after all.

I am a little stuck on my Steam Deck now. I was going to play some backlog games on the Deck and take my time. The issue is my copy of games like The Witcher 3 are on GOG, and my experience installing them outside Steam was mixed.

I have seen The Witcher 3 down to $5 on sale, and I might grab it again at this price going forward. The work Valve is doing with all the background tweaking and testing cannot be understated!

20230222 - Vampire Survivors - If I want a fun time on the couch this will be here
If I want to relax on the couch, Vampire Survivors will be only a click away

But in the meantime, Vampire Survivors has been good to me at the end of the day. I am sure the occasional round will still happen even before updates appear!