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Last Week’s Gaming

Last Weeks Gaming - Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart - Feature 20210614

Working in the middle of a Saturday night after a big week, I didn’t have any games with Alpal last week. Boo. But I did manage to get some gaming in, including a new title from my June Highlights! So even though I am tired, there is still a smile on my face.

Last Week’s Gaming

I spent most of last week working and resting. This did not leave much time in for gaming. But not much is better than none, and some gaming did indeed happen! Including finally firing up a new Retro console!

June 2021 Highlights

You can really tell when I get busy. New games coming out? That’s nice. I am aware of them on the outside, but it takes a lot to grab my attention. Luckily June has some titles releasing that has managed to land as highlights for me!

Last Week’s Gaming

Last week was stressful. I needed to curl up this weekend to recover, and projects are still staring at me. I needed a chill, carefree weekend, and that meant some gaming. Progress made with Village and Bravely Default, and I also ran a new RPG system!

Last Week’s Gaming

After months of neglecting Video Game challenges, last week I managed to finish and Complete some games. And I got an old favourite back to the table! A great gaming week all up!

May 2021 Highlight

It’s coming up to a busy time for me, and I am much more selective on what I am excited about this time of year. Some people may be surprised at games that haven’t excited me in the May releases.

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