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Welcome to!  Thank you so much for checking it out.  I’m John, and this is my site.  Mainly I will be talking about things that catch my interest, primarily in gaming but sometimes in other fields as well.  If there is anything you would like to discuss or would like my thoughts on, leave me a note on the Facebook page or register here to add comments!

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What’s new? Monopoly Warhammer 40000 is coming. No, it’s not April.

A piece of news that had me checking the date closely. USAopoly, in some ways king of the board game theme crossovers, has announced their newest theme for Monopoly – none other than Games Workshops Warhammer 40K!

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Fantasy Flight Games reveals Fallout: New California

On Friday the 13th, Fantasy Flight pulled a Bethesda with a ‘Please Stand By’ on their Facebook page. I was hoping for an app announcement to help with the management of the game. What we did get was the Fallout New California expansion announcement. Still kinda hoping for an app, to be honest :p

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Desolate Review

Desolate is a game I heard a lot of buzz about in the solo player sections of Board Game Geek, so I decided to give it a go. If you have any interest in solo card games, give the print and play a spin!

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There is a Transformers Trade Card Game is coming. Really!

When Fantasy Flight announced that Android Netrunner was ending, I was assuming word from Wizards of the Coast on a new card game. What I didn’t expect was the Transformers!

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Eclipse: Second Dawn is on Kickstarter now

Eclipse (Or Eclipse: New Dawn For The Galaxy) is a great game that is my choice of massive 4X game. Released in 2011, many players called it ‘Twilight Imperium lite’ but that is both true and unfair. Currently on Kickstarter, Eclipse: Second Dawn is the streamlined and improved second edition, and it looks amazing.

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