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From the publisher:

You have postponed this as long as possible, but now it’s time to reorganize your library and put your favourite objects back in place. Will you be able to do it faster than other players, satisfying the required patterns? In a 3D support, which reproduces a real library, you will take the game tiles from a common board. Then you will insert the board tiles in the 3D support making them fall from the top. In doing so, you will have to try to recreate the patterns of your personal or common target.

An eye-catcher and strategy game, different each time thanks to the multiplicity of common targets of which you will use only 2 in each game. The realistic images of the object tiles will make you feel like you are really tidying up your precious library shelves.
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Designer(s) Matthew Dunstan, Phil Walker-Harding
Publisher Cranio Creations
Player Count 2 - 4
Estimated Playtime 30-40 minutes (depending on player count)

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February 6th, 2023

This week I had the chance to try out a new game called My Shelfie. Alpal bought it up as a game option, and it immediately caught my attention. It sounded like a game I would enjoy. Pattern placement and variable goals? It’s like Cartographers on the shelf!

In My Shelfie, the objective is to arrange different items on a shelf to form patterns and earn points. The highest points win!

20230206 - My Shelfie - placement is important but digitally takes a little getting used to
Physically the tiles drop down, so picking the right drop order is essential

The rules are simple – pick up an item with at least one free edge, then pick up to three tiles that are next to each other, and place them on your shelf. The goal is to make everything fit together, just like putting items on a shelf at home.

Even the scoring is simple. There are two public goals in My Shelfie, where you score more finishing the goal first. Then there is a personal goal where you place specific colours in a specific spot. Finally, a grouping of items with three or more connecting is the last goal.

20230206 - My Shelfie - Board Game Arena Scores everyone one at a time to make things exciting
It’s another of those games that you play once for 10 minutes, and everything clicks

I played My Shelfie on Board Game Arena, and it was a lot of fun. However, I must admit that I am tempted to get the physical version of the game. The physical shelf is an upright structure which you can slide tiles into. This gives My Shelfie a tactile appeal, similar to playing Potion Explosion on a table instead of digitally.

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing My Shelfie and I can easily see myself playing it again in the near future!