The Goonies: Escape with One-Eyed Willy's Rich Stuff

Cover Art - The Goonies Escape with One-Eyed Willys Rish Stuff
From the Publisher:

The third release in The Op’s at-home escape room Coded Chronicles® series, The Goonies: Escape with One-Eyed Willy's Rich Stuff takes players on an epic adventure through the trap-filled caverns of Astoria, Oregon. Using the treasure hunting skills of Mikey, Brand, Mouth, Data, Andy, Stef, Chunk and Sloth, players will navigate their way to finding One-Eyed Willy's rich stuff! Can you get the gang to the Inferno, nab the treasure, and get to freedom all while staying one step ahead of the nefarious Fratelli family?
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Designer(s) Jay Cormier, Sen-Foong Lim
Publisher The Op
Player Count 1 - 99 (Group decides on next action)
Estimated Playtime 5 hours, split into 3 'Acts' (Save points)

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Journal Entries

January 16th, 2023

Today’s journal entry is all about my recent experience playing The Goonies: Escape with One-Eyed Willy’s Rich Stuff. A couple of years ago, I picked up Scooby-Doo: Escape from the Haunted Mansion by mistake. I thought I was getting the Scooby-Doo-themed Betrayal at House on the Hill game.

But it turns out, it was the first of a new series of Escape Room games called Coded Chronicles. I played it twice with two different groups of people and I enjoyed myself a lot. So, when I heard that The Goonies were getting their own version, I knew I had to grab it.

20230116 - Goonies Coded Chronicles - Game Components
You get to build the game ‘board’ as you progress to new sections

Over the break, Rabbit and I sat down over a couple of sessions and played The Goonies: Escape with One-Eyed Willys Rich Stuff. The Goonies is a great premise for an Escape Room and being of a certain age, The Goonies has a great deal of nostalgia for us. The chance to play through the movie was bound to be great!

The short version of the story is that The Goonies: Escape with One-Eyed Willys Rich Stuff was a heap of fun. It is split into three acts, with a save-type feature at the end of each act to come back to. The first act took us a couple of hours, but we flew through the second act and just finished the game in the second session.

20230116 - Goonies Coded Chronicles - Game Components 2
The group decides which character acts each turn – no one is left out of play

I know it’s hard to describe an escape room without spoiling things, but it’s the same with the Coded Chronicles games. As a series, I should say I have skipped the second Coded Chronicles game based on The Shining. It’s probably an enjoyable experience, as Scooby-Doo and The Goonies are fun. But The Shining: Escape from the Overlook Hotel as a theme doesn’t do much for me. I would play it if asked, but I am not going out of my way to buy it.

The Coded Chronicles games are generally single-playthrough games. There aren’t multiple story paths or anything extra to find. If you play the second time, it’s to try and beat a score. But because you already know the answers, it can be a bit of a chore. None of the puzzles requires destroying components, so packing the games back up and gifting them to a new group is a great idea!

20230116 - Goonies Coded Chronicles - Starting Setup
You even need to work out how to get to the ‘start’ of the game!

I am also going to do my best to have a proper review of The Goonies: Escape with One-Eyed Willys Rich Stuff within the next couple of weeks, so if this has piqued some interest, look out for that as well!