Dicey Dungeons

Cover Art - Dicey Dungeons
Become a giant walking dice and battle to the end of an ever-changing dungeon! Can you escape the cruel whims of Lady Luck?
Platforms Xbox One S/X, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS
Developer Terry Cavanagh
Publisher Terry Cavanagh Games
Player Count 1
HomePage https://diceydungeons.com/

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August 29th, 2022

Earlier in the week, I was looking for something a little different to play. Something I could spend a little time with, but could happily put back down after an hour or two to get back to Xenoblade Chronicles. I wasn’t sure what I was going to play that also did not involve firing up laptops or moving from the couch. Looking through the Switch, I noticed Dicey Dungeons had slipped off my home page.

I haven’t played Dicey Dungeons in ages. It’s a simple premise, and close to a board game in digital form. I don’t know why I stopped playing it – probably distracted by other games. Having it drop off the Switch home row didn’t help.

You play a character that has been turned into a die and must fight your way through a dungeon to win your freedom. Who is putting you through all of this? Lady Luck, of course!

20220829 - Dicey Dingeons - Wow bad loser
Well, the sorceress is a sore loser!

Dicey Dungeons isn’t a new game, but it is great to pick up and put down like this. A bit of a gaming palette cleanser. The game itself is quite fun and a little bit of a roguelike. Each character has slightly different rules, and the dungeons themselves are not set in stone. This makes playing Dicey Dungeons a fun puzzle to work out each run.

Playing the game is simple – roll dice, then try and assign those dice to different powers. It sounds simple and boring to sum up, but after a game or two Dicey Dungeons can set an itch you want to scratch. It’s just rolling dice – it can’t be this hard to finish!

20220829 - Dicey Dingeons - Still slowly making progress
It sounds simple, but there is more game here than people realise

I am playing on Switch, and portable is a great way to play Dicey Dungeons. You can pick it up and put it down when you want to spend a couple of minutes playing. If you have Game Pass though, I suggest firing up Dicey Dungeons on your PC or Xbox. Give it a try and see if you like it, then grab it on your phone or Switch for portable play.