Video Game Journal – February 22 2023

So the downside of working essentially a week behind is this journal is coming out on PSVR2 release day. I will be picking mine up today, but you won’t know what I played until next week!

Similar to Board Games, all the running around and electronic experiments bit into my video games this week. So while I played quite a few games on Switch this week, mostly it was experimental and getting a feel for things.

There was some amazing progress for me in one particular game though. Can you guess before you see the entry? No cheating and looking at the challenges first!

Dead Space (Remake/2023)

I wish I could explain why my possibly last run on Dead Space is so stressful to me. Yes, Impossible difficulty has permadeath. I have died on Hard with better armour, but I also made it harder on myself by playing with only the plasma cutter!

So I have been jumping in, playing for about 30-40 minutes, then stopping play. When I stop, I legit need a break, as the tension Dead Space is generating gets to me. There are a few sections at the start of the game I have been worried about potentially cheap deaths, but I am past that now until Chapter 9 again.

20230222 - Dead Space - The ultimate question
The ultimate question

Another reason that is totally a ‘me’ thing is I can only play immersively at night. The way my TV is set up, my TV reflects a lot of light in dark images, and necromorphs can hide in such reflections. This isn’t a problem with Dead Space – it’s my setup.

I can put the brightness way up to combat this, but that for me is against the spirit of Dead Space. Having well-hidden scares and scanning a room with your light is to find them part of the experience!

So I am looking forward to picking up the PSVR2 today to play Dead Space, or at least give it a good try. I played with the 2D virtual screen on PSVR, and it worked fine. It’s been confirmed you can do the same thing with PSVR2, and that the light leakage is vastly improved.

20230222 - Dead Space - Good glare example screen
On my screen, all I can see are my curtains on the left-hand side during the day

The improved screen quality and HDR compatibility on PSVR2 should make Dead Space pop! Or at least, it’s what I am hoping. The downside of course is I am waiting to be totally immersed on the Ishimura, and Enzo rubs up against my leg. That could be hard for the old heart rate!

We will see how my Dead Space adventure continues next week.

Dicey Dungeons

There were quite a few games I played on the Switch last weekend, but most were just quick runs to see how the new joy-con repairs went. One game though bought a smile when I saw it, and I proceeded to swing back and play it after ‘testing’ the Switch. That game was Dicey Dungeons.

It had been quite some time since I had played Dicey Dungeons, but I quickly got back into the groove. Essentially being a board game, and one that shares some mechanics with One Deck Dungeon, it wasn’t hard.

20230222 - Dicey Dungeons - Choose your path
You need to defeat five levels of opponents

What was a challenge from the last time I played was completing some missions. I had hit a progress wall. So what I needed was coming back to Dicey Dungeons after a few months it seems!

The basic play doesn’t seem all that exciting, especially when you compare it to other video games. But this is where I call Dicey Dungeons more of a digital board game than a ‘video game’. I keep it here only because there is no physical version to pick up.

20230222 - Dicey Dungeons - Roll dice and place them to perform actions
Dice placement 101 – Roll die, place them where you can to use abilities, and repeat.

Unfortunately, all I can say is games like Slay the Spire or even One Deck Dungeon have more traditional ‘game’ and may hold more interest for you. Without delving into a full review, it’s hard to sum up quickly why.

If you have Game Pass, jump on and give Dicey Dungeons a look and you will see what I mean. The only reason I would say Dicey Dungeons is best on Switch is that you want to take advantage of that small-bite gameplay.

Sitting down for a multi-hour Dicey Dungeons session on your Xbox or PC doesn’t make much sense to me. But on the Switch? Perfect match!

20230222 - Dicey Dungeons - Making progress
Have a look at last year, and see what I mean about making some progress

Vampire Survivors

Well, I have done it! Vampire Survivors 100%! At least as 100% as I can make it at the moment. But I feel like there is more under the surface!

Being able to sit back on the couch with the Steam Deck coupled with the easy gameplay made this a natural fit. It is the most expensive way to play the game though, so I don’t recommend a Steam Deck just for Vampire Survivors!

20230222 - Vampire Survivors - Achievements Complete
So many achievements! But most just encourage you to play with different characters

Going forward, I will keep an eye out for updates to see if anything new comes out. There has been a fairly steady stream of content for Vampire Survivors after all.

I am a little stuck on my Steam Deck now. I was going to play some backlog games on the Deck and take my time. The issue is my copy of games like The Witcher 3 are on GOG, and my experience installing them outside Steam was mixed.

I have seen The Witcher 3 down to $5 on sale, and I might grab it again at this price going forward. The work Valve is doing with all the background tweaking and testing cannot be understated!

20230222 - Vampire Survivors - If I want a fun time on the couch this will be here
If I want to relax on the couch, Vampire Survivors will be only a click away

But in the meantime, Vampire Survivors has been good to me at the end of the day. I am sure the occasional round will still happen even before updates appear!

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know! 

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