Crossing New Horizons Zero Dawn

Last week was a very gaming light week. A large project at work started coming to a head, meaning crunch time. While I had time to play a few games, I was so tired!

This was also the week I started pushing myself to get the final touches ready for the site. There is no deadline meaner than one you set for yourself!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I did manage to jump onto my island every day last week, but it was a struggle. A half-hour every day isn’t a small amount of gaming, but I was tired and had to make myself log in. That isn’t how you want to game.

My Hybrid flower beds are a mess. I have large areas of Game Room covered in flowers. The thought of Happy Home Paradise filled me with dread. I honestly thought I was hitting the end of my second run of Animal Crossing New Horizons.

And then…

Blathers letting us know the fossil wing is complete
Yes Blathers, celebrate all the fossils!

The fossil collection is the easiest of the Museum sets to complete. There are no seasons or random wares to wait for. There is luck involved, but fossils appear every day.

Going for a coffee at The Roost, I also came across an old Animal Crossing staple – Resetti! Even though New Horizons is my first ‘proper’ Animal Crossing game, I know of Resetti.

If you tried to manipulate the state of your game by say quitting without saving, Resetti would come ‘talk’ to you. It was a clever bit of programming and he made it to many easter egg lists.

Last week, he was chilling at Game Room at The Roost!

Resetti in New Horizons
I have seen a few characters stopping in for coffee, but not Resetti!

I don’t use Amiibo often, so I can’t invite him. But it was cool seeing him sitting there!

So even though I finished the week doing the bare minimum daily chores again, I am looking forward to next week. The mix of completing a Museum wing and Resetti appearing was the little push my enthusiasm needed.

Now I need a day to clean up all the flowers and start on hybrids again!

So much Gardening
So much Gardening to do!

Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach

A couple of weeks ago, I mused about going for the Platinum in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. I still haven’t made up my mind, but I did try an experiment.

I had to pop into the office this week, and I knew I would have some downtime. So I thought I would try Security Breach on the GPD Win 3. Essentially a laptop the size of a power brick, I was curious about what it could do.

Security Breach is a game that could have used a bit more polish before release. It’s this ‘workable’ state that made me think Security Breach would work well as a test for the GPD Win 3.

And to my surprise, the experience was quite good.

720P Win 3 Graphics
Playing this on the handheld screen, the small jaggies and lack of shadows are not noticeable

I only played about 25 minutes worth of game and spent most of the first 10 minutes playing with settings. At first, the game was fine if a little jerky. It took me a moment to realise I was running Security Breach at 1080p.

As the GPD Win 3 runs at 720p, dropping the improved smoothness. It still hangs for a second or two while what I am guessing is assets loading occurs. I am 98% sure it’s the game though, as playing on my desktop with a 3080 does the same thing.

Will I play Security Breach handheld? Most likely not. But it was fun finding out I could if I wanted to. This may be something I explore a bit more over the next few months.

Dark Gameplay
The default darkness is probably the biggest issue with the GPD Win 3

Horizon Zero Dawn

I managed a quick session of Horizon Zero Dawn on the weekend. I didn’t do much. The first 20 minutes was hunting and making sure I remembered the controls.

This is always the gamble when you pick up a new game and leave it for a while. Muscle memory for controls hasn’t been set, and/or scope means you don’t know what you were doing.

Saving at what I thought was the end of the tutorial, I thought I had myself covered. Not far enough in to get lost, and not long enough in that a restart would hurt. Luckily, this planning wasn’t required.

But I did discover I haven’t finished with the tutorial after all.

20220124 - Horizon Zero Dawn - The Sawtooth is indeed impressive
Does “Nature finds a way” count when the life is mechanical?

Rost, your characters adoptive father, has a final lesson for you before the proving. I thought this lesson would be the start of the game proper. From what I have done last week, I am not sure.

I took down my first ‘big’ enemy sure, but I know bigger ones are still to come. But Rost is still being… Not secretive. There are elements of your back story that avoiding topics is normal behaviour.

Rost appears reluctantly supportive? It’s hard to describe without seeing the exact outcome. He wants Aloy to excel in the proving, but won’t tell you what he is doing to prepare.

It’s possible when he opens up is when the game starts properly? It is going to be fun finding out.

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know! 

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