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Welcome to!  Thank you so much for checking it out.  I’m John, and this is my site.  Mainly I will be talking about things that catch my interest, primarily in gaming but sometimes in other fields as well.  If there is anything you would like to discuss or would like my thoughts on, leave me a note on the Facebook page or register here to add comments!

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the site.


Pandemic is turning 10 years old! Time for the anniversary edition

Pandemic. The game that bought cooperative board games to front and centre. Probably the most famous game from Matt Leacock, this year Pandemic turns 10 years old. As is becoming tradition, it’s time for the fancy Anniversary Edition!

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JohnHQLD Blatherings 012 – Some changes are coming

Running solo again for a week! Hi everyone! With the rush from the end of the financial year, now that things have started slowing down I have had a chance to look back on how the site and Blatherings have been going over the last few months. That has led me to start thinking about [...]
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Catching up with Penn and Teller Fool Us!

Something a little different today. I recently found out that Penn and Teller (two of my favourite magicians) have been continuing the amazing Fool Us. Doing a little binge watching while waiting for other things, I thought I would share a trick I watched 4 times in a row. David Parr does a simple trick that the outcome becomes obvious, but is just fun to watch.

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A’Writhe: A Game of Eldritch Contortions – why not Cthulhu Twister ?

With Gen Con fast approaching, the new games are trickling through nicely. One that has caught my eye from left field can be described best as Cthulhu Twister, A’Writhe: A Game of Eldritch Contortions is a party game I think I will be grabbing pretty soon

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Octopath Traveler is selling out worldwide

I love my Switch. It fulfils promises made by the Sony Vita without even trying to be a competitor. And it looks like one of this year’s star games – Octopath Traveler – is physically selling out around the world, to the point Square Enix apologised for the lack of copies!

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