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Welcome to!  Thank you so much for checking it out.  I’m John, and this is my site.  Mainly I will be talking about things that catch my interest, primarily in gaming but sometimes in other fields as well.  If there is anything you would like to discuss or would like my thoughts on, leave me a note on the Facebook page or register here to add comments!

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the site.


JohnHQLD Blatherings 008 – Playing Escape the Dark Castle with Alpal!

In today’s Blatherings, Alpal and I hope you will enjoy us playing through Escape the Dark Castle! Hope you enjoy it 😀

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Escape the Dark Castle Review

Want to know a game that the rest of the world seems to love, but Tom Vasel hates? Welcome to Escape the Dark Castle! This is my favourite quick cooperative/solo game in a long time!

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I have met my first One Deck Dungeon Boss Battle – GOOGLE PLAY!

I have wanted to play One Deck Dungeon for a while now and was excited that the digital version was coming. But apparently, I bought the wrong phone or something?

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Quick update to the Space Goat Productions Kickstarters

Just a quick update on the Space Goat Productions Equity offer – Shon C Bury has finally posted on Kickstarter after weeks of silence

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Detroit: Become Human is out today!

Quantic Dream has had an impressive but mixed history. People really began to take notice of them in 2010 with Heavy Rain and the impressive Beyond: Two Souls. Today, their latest game Detroit: Become Human becomes available, and I can’t wait to play it.

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