And I’m Back!

Welcome to the new!

As mentioned last year, the site now focuses on my gaming thoughts. has become my gaming journal. 

Every Monday (yep, went back to Mondays) I will post gaming I had in the last week. This is very similar to my previous Last Week’s Gaming pieces.

You will notice that a lot of the gaming info has gone from the journal. Instead, the game title is a link to a page just for that game.

Here, you can see game information, a review link, and individual journal entries. So if you come in late and want to see what my thoughts are on a game over time, it’s here!

And this good news is this isn’t a ‘coming next week’ thing. The journal started in 2022 and is all here ready to go!

20220204 - And Im Back - Weekly Journals
The site is all ready to go and explore

That’s the primary content – more is here as well

There is only one review up at the moment – my 2020 review of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Reviews will come out roughly once a month, and if I can a board game and a video game review each month.

Why Animal Crossing: New Horizons? I thought an ‘old’ review and current thoughts including an island restart would work on the new site. It would be interesting to see the changes both in the game and in the way I look at it.

And then there are general posts and bits and bobs I will post from time to time, like this one. This all comes under the heading of ‘Shenanigans’.

What do I mean by general posts? No specific ideas. Game news and Crowdfunding for games I am keen on, general rants, anything I particularly want to say. There is nothing specific, and definitely no timetable, for reasons you will see below.

Podcast Ready to Start
Hardware wise I am all ready to go. Now I just need me to be ready.

The podcast is back on hiatus though

I still want to start doing an audio version of the weekly journals, and I will. This year. Not sure when though. 

The reason for this is simple – I started recording myself for the journals this year, and I can hear how tired I am. I moved the site launch to the end of January because my work projects should have ended in early January.

And that got blown out to the end of January. So instead of having January ‘off’ to concentrate on the new site, I was juggling work and the site.

There will be more on my time coming up when I know what is happening. Everything work-wise is in flux, so I can’t plan around things.

So as soon as I don’t look and sound like a warmed up zombie, more interactive things will be back on the table. For now, no one wants to listen to someone that sounds two words away from snoring!

But stumbles aside, the site is all ready to go!

I hope you enjoy the new layout, and the focus on journalling my gaming journey. There is only one way to find out though!

Have fun, explore, and let me know what you think.

Have fun!