2022 went by quickly! Time for an end of year break!

Wow – the end of 2022. It’s been a journey! I hope you have had a good year overall. Ups and downs are a part of life, and the last few years have definitely had their share of both! I think it’s time we all enjoyed a well deserved break.😊

In terms of Johnhqld.com, I didn’t get to do the monthly reviews like I was hoping to. It’s one of those strange balancing acts. Play games to talk about on the site, or sit and write about games I used to play and review them!

This is part of the reason why I changed Last Week’s Gaming to the gaming journal style. That seems to be working well!

20221226 - Shenanigans - Break - Holiday Gaming
There are a few games I want to try and get to the table during the break

Today though is a quick note on the annual site break. I am in need of a real break, but work wise I probably won’t get one until February. So a mini break for the end of year it is!

What does that mean for the site?

I am going to go quiet for a couple of weeks. I will still be working over the holidays, but not full days. This will let Rabbit and I play some games and catch up with Alpal again, which I look forward to!

Everything will come back as I have done this year, with weekly notes on what I have been playing. Come February and a proper break from my day job, I will think about some tweaks to the site and content then.

The biggest change next year is the weekly journal titles. I am going to stop trying to work the names of the games into the titles. I haven’t decided what format the titles will be, but that’s the only change on the cards.

20221226 - Shenanigans - Break - Hopefully I can play GoW again by the time you read this
I haven’t touched God of War Ragnarok for a couple of weeks – I hope to finish this before I come back as well!

So nothing for a couple of weeks?

You don’t get out of it that easily! To the right, you will see my gaming challenges for the last year. Some goals I made, and others I missed by a mile.

This has let me reflect on my gaming for the year. So for the remaining 2 weeks of my break, there will be two new articles – 2022 Board Games in Review and 2022 Video Games in Review!

They will come out instead of the gaming journal. These articles will include the game most played, my favourite new game, and my picks for Game of the Year!

I hope you have a break as well!

Being tired and stressed is something we all experience. I hope you are looking after yourself, and if you are working over the holiday period, that you have a break soon.

Look after yourself, and I can’t wait to see you again on January 16th 2023!