Video Game Journal – February 8 2023

There are so many games coming out, and so little time to play the games I already have! It’s a terrible position to be in. 🙃 I am a little rushed for today’s journal intro, but one super important thing happened.

PAX Aus is October 6 – the countdown has begun!

And now, on to the games!

Dead Space (Remake/2023)

I finished Dead Space last week and immediately started my New Game+ run. There is a lot about Dead Space 2023 I would love to talk about, but specifics can still spoil a lot of that goodness!

So instead, hopefully, I can give you an idea of how much I am enjoying Dead Space. I played my first run on Medium difficulty, and even though I wasn’t feeling the best had a great time.

Once I had finished, I then waited until Friday night to start up New Game+ and enjoy myself. Sometimes New Game+ is a trophy requirement, but with Dead Space New Game+ is the ‘whole’ Dead Space Remake story!

20230208 - Dead Space - Playing with new suits
As close to a spoiler as I am willing to go – fully upgraded suit design is pretty cool

While still optional, there are new collectables and an enemy to change things up for players. It was wanting to see this extra story information that makes me look forward to giving Dead Space another run.

So now I am playing on Hard, and I am trying to finish the Dead Space with only the starting weapon. If I play my cards right, I will likely finish Dead Space with only 1 trophy left for Platinum.

20230208 - Dead Space - New Collectables
Can I find all the new and missed items in hard mode and just a pistol? Only one way to find out!

Will I do the Platinum run? Right now, I am going to say there is a good chance. If I can unlock Impossible difficulty in New Game+, and I don’t have to use only the Plasma Cutter, I think I can do it.

For now, I am enjoying seeing how I can go through my second Playthrough and try to explore parts of the Ishimura I know I missed the first time. I just wish I had a couple of good night sessions to enjoy the run properly!

Vampire Survivors

Being able to sit back on the couch and make my way through Vampire Survivors has been amazing. I wish I could explain the appeal of Vampire Survivors, but as I have already mentioned it sounds like a boring game, then you play it.

Being a few weeks now, I was expecting to start dropping off playing. But when I reach for the Steam Deck, Vampire Survivors is usually loading before I decide that’s what I will play!

20230208 - Vampire Survivors - Still finding new things to discover and play with
Still finding new things to discover and play with

It doesn’t matter what sort of mood I am in, Vampire Survivors is a great session. I can just run through a previous level and have fun, or look at achievements and see if I can play with a goal.

The quick-fire unlocking of achievements has still slowed. But I am slowly getting close to Completing Vampire Survivors. Maybe this will be my first 100% Steam Achievements game in a very long time.

20230208 - Vampire Survivors - Slowly making may way to a potnential Completion
Slowly making my way to a potential Completion

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know! 

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