Video Game Journal – February 15 2023

Three journals in a row, Dead Space and Vampire Survivors have dominated my video gaming. Lying on the couch with the Steam Deck is relaxing, but after the scares of Dead Space I needed something else.

Also, I am looking forward to PSVR 2 in a couple of weeks! While the launch lineup looks great, it’s The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR I am really looking forward to. Rush of Blood on PSVR was amazing, and one of my proudest Platinums. I can’t wait to play the new version!

But that’s in the future. How did my video games go last week?

Dead Space (Remake/2023)

Last week I finished my New Game+ run of Dead Space. I was hoping that finishing New Game+ on Hard would open up the Impossible difficulty, but it does not. The only way to play Impossible is from a fresh save, or New Game + a run you finished on Impossible already.

That means Dead Space now shares the same ‘honour’ as Resident Evil Village – one trophy stands between me and the Platinum!

20230215 - Dead Space - One more trophy then Platinum
So near, and yet so far

The impossible difficulty this time around is different from the original Dead Space. In the new version, the difficulty is set to ‘only’ Hard, but you have one save slot and permadeath. Die once, and the run ends. The only way to continue is to ‘lower’ the difficulty back to Hard.

I want to Platinum Dead Space. I finished Hard mode with only the Plasma Cutter, artificially making that run harder. But I did die a couple of times, and in different places than my first run.

One of the things about Dead Space I am appreciating is even after a couple of runs, the game still manages to make me jump. You can’t rely on enemy placement memorisation to complete the game. There is always a new tweak waiting for you.

20230215 - Dead Space - Once more unto the breach
Once more unto the breach

So I am nudging my way through Impossible, trying to remember where all the weapon upgrades I want are. This is going to be interesting to see if I can complete the run, and Platinum Dead Space.

I needed something else to play to help take the edge off though.

PowerWash Simulator

After the tension of Dead Space, I needed to play something that would let me relax. A while ago, I played a little PowerWash Simulator on Game Pass, and now I am jumping in again ‘properly’.

What is PowerWash Simulator? Exactly what it sounds like! Starting with a basic pressure water gun, you start doing odd jobs cleaning around town. The better you do, the better your reputation, and the bigger the jobs you are offered.

20230215 - PowerWash Simulator - Gotta start somewhere
Your first job? Clean your new work van!

Similar to Vampire Survivors, this might not sound like an exciting game. But if you have never used a PowerWasher, the feeling of satisfaction watching everything go from Dirty to Clean is amazing.

After the tension building of Dead Space, relaxing with PowerWash Simulator has been very welcome. There is a little bit of a puzzle aspect, as you have to find a way to get to all of the dirt. But there is no pressure on you – just clean things and enjoy yourself.

20230215 - PowerWash Simulator - Another job well done
Another job well done

When I saw it had co-op play, I was hoping I could play with Rabbit. I should have looked into it more because it appears the other person needs their own console version to play. Spending a lazy afternoon playing co-op PowerWash Simulator seems like a lot of fun. Need to check out how to get that happening!

Vampire Survivors

Another week, another few rounds of Vampire Survivors on the couch. I have been having a ball with the game itself, and last week there was an update adding some more content.

This got me thinking – when do I finish Vampire Survivors? Normally, I call a game finished when I beat the final level and see the credits roll. This scenario doesn’t exist in Vampire Survivors though.

There is also the small hiccup of clearing a level doesn’t mean you have finished with it. Part of the joy in Vampire Survivors is exploring old ground to see if you unlocked anything new.

20230215 - Vampire Survivors - things have gotten a little weird
I expected Random. I did not expect Random to be an actual playable character!

What got me thinking of all this? Well as well as new content, there are now more Steam Achievements! The bar moved! I am still working my way through the list, but this triggered thoughts on when I call Vampire Survivors Completed. You can’t Complete a game without finishing it, surely?

With console trophies and achievements, it’s a lot easier. Finish all the original trophy requirements, and you will unlock the Platinum (if available) or have the 1000G score. Anything added after this, and it is shown on the list.

20230215 - Vampire Survivors - So Close
I might need to start looking up how to do some of these. Next week maybe.

But Steam Achievements are just a long list. That dream of 100 %ing my first Steam game in ages has been snatched away. I can’t complain though – it’s in the best way possible. Sorry, you couldn’t 100% the game because we keep adding to it for free!

So am I still enjoying Vampire Survivors? Absolutely! And it’s perfect as a beefier handheld experience. If it can handle it, I think the next big breakout console for Vampire Survivors would be the Switch. One day maybe?

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know! 

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