You can get Xenonauts for free from now!

FREE GAMES!  What more do you need?

Way back in the early times, when processor speeds were still measured in MHz and RAM in MB, this game called UFO: Enemy Unknown was released.  This series would later become XCom and have a few sequels and spin-off games until 2000 or so.

Firaxis then picked up the torch with the amazingly fun X-Com: Enemy Unknown in 2012.  But where Firaxis spent time polishing and streamlining the core of XCom, another developer was rebuilding XCom from the ground up.

Xenonauts trailer

If you enjoy tactical games, the X-Com series is great overall.  The newer ones look better and have added some fun new elements while keeping the old school feel of the originals.

Xenonauts kept the incredible difficulty of the original series and added a few layers on its mechanics as well.  This means as a player you have more to micromanage, and more stats to have to track.

But when you get everything working together, that feeling of satisfaction is second to none.

By today's standards, simple graphics. But you can blow it all up, and it's amazing how you lose yourself in the game anyway.

Taking place near the end of the Cold War in 1979, the international forces of the Xenonaut Project are the worlds only fully organised military organisation.  That means while you might have permission to perform missions in another country, the same country you are defending doesn’t have to help you.

I know it's the Xenopedia. But my brain just wont let me.

This means building multiple bases around the world to be able to respond to alien incursions and is one facet of the originals that the Firaxis X-Com games over streamlined in my opinion.

There is a huge amount of depth to Xenonauts, just as there was in the original X-Com games.  This means you have a lot of homework to do, and the information banks are invaluable as you progress through the game.  I still refuse to call it Xenopedia though.

Xenonauts is a game that a lot of players will pick up, play a bit, and put back down.  It is not a game for everyone.  But there are a large number of players that will fire it up out of curiosity, and be hooked with ‘one more turn’ to see where it leads.

Normally Xenonauts is a game I might mention in passing.  I enjoyed it in the past, but I wouldn’t have urged a lot of people to hunt it down either.  Some, certainly – just not a general ‘check this game out’.

But as it’s free on right now until about lunchtime tomorrow my time, I thought I might just point it out.  Goldhawk is even close to launching a Kickstarter for Xenonauts 2, so it’s a great time to check out the ground floor of the series!

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