Would you like to see a PC build planning series?

I am still waiting on my new CPU, but I have everything else. This delay gives me plenty of time to talk about my component choices.

So my new CPU is nowhere in sight still. It will get here, and it’s not like I don’t have a PC, so it’s just an annoyance. It is putting a big crimp in my workflow plans, but again that’s not the end of the world. It’s coming, that is what counts.

I have been collecting all the bits and pieces for the new build for the last four months. On top of that, I have checked out some potential upgrades and even bought a couple. A big one is I have purchased a new case – not something I was keen to do three months ago. With all the time I have been waiting budgeting has not been as big a problem as buying everything upfront.

So this got me thinking. I already wrote an article on why most people don’t need the PC I am building. I wrote a general guide on what people should prioritise in a gaming computer. What about writing about the components I am using and why?

Why would I want to know the history of the parts you are using?

There are lots of lists for builds to a budget. Build videos on YouTube get a heap of views. Both formats share a problem though – they don’t look at what you want the computer to do. The builds generally aren’t terrible, but they are either built with parts that meet a set budget or use parts from sponsors. Also, they are trying to cram in so much content a lot of detailed information can be overlooked.

Sponsored content isn’t harmful, and I am not trying to put down anyone that does a sponsored build. As an example, water cooling videos with crazy coloured coolant. Looks great, gets people interested, but in the fine print, many of these products are designed for ‘show’ computers and not designed to be used for more than a couple of weeks. Kind of important to know if you want to run that system for a few years!

For an example, here is a build guide to a budget from The Tech Buyers Guru. There is nothing wrong with the system itself. In fact, it’s quite a good general use system overall. But I am highlighting this video for the lack of in-depth reasoning why components were chosen.

So you want to tell us what to use instead?

Nope. I want to go through why I chose what I use. Why I made particular choices/guesses, concerns, that kind of thing. The part of the decision process that you don’t find in ten-minute build videos.

I won’t be reviewing many parts because I haven’t used them yet. But I will be talking about reviews that I read/watched and the decisions that made me choose in a particular way. There will be some alternates that I examined, and choices I may prefer but went another direction and why.

Won’t you miss things as well?

In terms of advice for you – quite possibly. The idea is very much a detailed description of my computer build. But I am not hoping to sway you to buy anything or build a certain way.

If you are thinking about building a computer for the first time, I hope to present choices and teach you how to prepare yourself to know what to look for.

How do you mean?

Asking a question on the internet is terrifying. You ask how much is 2+2, and you will get 14 different math answers and 1000 snarky comments. That’s worst-case on a personal level.

For a question like ‘What CPU should I buy’, you will have camps of people quoting different pieces and offering advice that completely contradicts other answers. And they are all right, from a certain point of view.

What is good for me could be useless for you. Blender results mean nothing for people that only watch YouTube.

This confusing maze is what tends to scare new system builders. When you just want a simple answer, and the internet tells you everything is wrong, you really don’t want to continue.

By detailing the parts considered ‘boring’ for a system build video, I hope that people will gain confidence and build their own systems.

So the big question – what do you think?

This would be a series of articles on different components so I can go into detail on each part of the build. They may not be flashy, but I think they will help some people.

What do you think? Is this something you would like to read? Let me know by liking the link to this article on Twitter or Facebook, and feel free to post any comments to let me know!

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