What is this? It tastes… That’s Not Lemonade!

Small and simple doesn’t exclude a bunch of fun

I have been enjoying the efforts of Tuesday Knight Games for some time now.  Two Rooms and a Boom and its expansion Necroboomicon are great games for new groups of people.  World Championship Russian Roulette is a game I have already reviewed.

And today I can’t wait to tell you about the next Tuesday Knight Game I will be playing – That’s Not Lemonade!

If the name sounds familiar, it may be because I bought it up briefly in the last Blatherings.  You may have heard about this game over the last couple of years as a convention test game under the previous title U Mad Bro? where people have had a ton of fun playing it – and now it’s finally on Kickstarter.

Mechanically That’s Not Lemonade! is very similar U Mad Bro mechanically from what I understand, it’s just been rethemed away from the normally dark Cthulhu theme to a more lighthearted one to match the tone.

So what is That’s Not Lemonade?  Well, there really isn’t much to tell.  Each play is trying to make a living selling lemonade, but it’s hard to stand out in a crowd like this.  So everyone has decided to settle marketing rights in the only sensible manner – by seeing who can drink the most lemonade!

But of course, it can’t just be that simple.  ‘Little Johnny’ has decided to get up to some hijinks and make his own lemonade, so be careful what’s put in front of you!

For such a small amount of cards, the art style manages to be fun and unique. Just check out the video on the Kickstarter page to see for yourself!
Lemons! The one time you want to draw lemons 🙂 Double lemons are rare, but give you a score boost. Ice is used for ties.

Gameplay is ridiculously simple.  There is a deck of cards that show either lemons, double lemons, ice, or That’s Not Lemonade!  On your turn, you decide to drink (take a card) or pass.  If you drink, take a card – but if it’s not lemonade, you’re out of the round!

Play continues until all players have passed, there are no cards left or there is only one player left.  All players not eliminated then count the number of lemons on their cards, and the highest count wins!  In the event of a tie, count the Ice cards to break them.  If you win, you get to pick one of your cards and place it face down in front of you as a mark of winning a round.

The deck is then reshuffled, and the next round begins with all players back in the game.  The first player to win three rounds wins the game!

I can hear you asking “But you keep one of your cards in front of you.  Doesn’t that change the number of cards in the deck?”  And the simple answer to that is yes.  Yes, it does.  It’s one of the small touches that makes That’s Not Lemonade! so fun for me.

So you not only get a point for winning, but the card you keep becomes very important as you then get to mess with the count of the cards.  Every card that a player gets to score means the chances of drawing the That’s Not Lemonade! card.  But it also reduces the chances of drawing lemons, making it harder for everyone to score as highly as the game continues.

And that’s it!  Small and easy to transport, it’s just a deck of cards and some shot glass sized red plastic cups.  It’s also been designed to be a ‘drop in, drop out’ style game so people can come and go as they please during a game.

Plus it’s a super easy Kickstarter – pledge USD$10 for the game, done and dusted.

Word of warning though for non-US backers – shipping is more than the game.  To Australia and apparently the UK, it’s USD$15 to ship, which frankly hurts.  But if you order additional copies, it’s only USD$11 for the extra copy and shipping, so I suggest doubling or even tripling up with some friends to save on the shipping that way.

That’s Not Lemonade! is not a game meant to be taken seriously.  It’s a game that is supposed to be fun to play and teach and suck in those people around you into giving it a go.  As such, I think it will be a great filler and icebreaker game, and one I think should be in many gamers collections.

Check out That’s Not Lemonade on Kickstarter here.

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