Wednesday I got Warmind on my Mind…

New things are coming to Destiny 2 with Warmind

So I really wanted to have a few things written for this week. I was hoping to write a few things as I went to Sydney for work, but that didn’t quite happen. I tried to finish an article I started on Monday, but it’s just not happening.  You know what is happening?  The new expansion for Destiny 2, Warmind, goes live.

I keep looking at the clock while I write this, and just think to myself I can stay up the three or four hours and start the preload, get a couple of hours sleep, then get up and play.  This makes no sense, and I will be wrecked for a big day at work even with a late start.  But it’s what I am thinking.  I think I have rewatched the trailer about 4 times already tonight.

Destiny 2 – Expansion II: Warmind Reveal Trailer [UK]

There have been promises of lots of new things with Warmind.  I have seen bits and pieces on the internet for a few weeks on how this is Bungie’s ‘make or break’ release.

On one hand, I can understand some players disappointment with Destiny 2.  A constant complaint has been stripping back content from the end of Destiny.  On the other hand though, really guys?  You think an expansion can fix something in your opinion fundamentally broken?

That is all a much deeper bunch of opinions than I can give proper thought to right now.  All I am thinking is tomorrow morning, I am going to start the Warmind campaign with Harls, and we are going to have fun.

Meet Harls. It's usually his fault.

There are mechanical changes I am looking forward to, like Masterwork Exotics.  A reason to grind out certain mission types or hunt certain foes.  And the upgrades to the Exotic weaponry looks insane.  At the moment, even though I haven’t run many nightfall missions, I would need a very specific reason to run with an Exotic weapon over a Legendary Masterwork.  Just the extra orbs from multi kills make the choice clear.  Now, hopefully, those waters are muddied a little, giving weight to choices.

One of the new Exotic weapons. Is it just me, or does this look like it belongs in Mass Effect?

There is the new campaign itself to look forward to as well.  In a lot of ways, to me, the story of Destiny 2 has been pretty light on.  But in the teaser trailer for Warmind one of the most referred to but never seen characters looks set to take centre stage – Ana Bray.

There is a new Raid, but I already don’t have time to run the current ones as regularly as I would like.  I haven’t even tried the Eater of Worlds yet.  New Strikes will be welcome, as will the new Secrets to uncover.

The main thing I am looking forward to is new end game content known as the Escalation Protocol.  Essentially a public event on steroids, the Escalation Protocol will not only see your fireteam taking on wave after wave of enemies, but groups of fireteams working together.  And, the final boss rotates each week, giving a little more variety.

Make it to the end, and specific rewards will be dropped for you to collect.  But unlike Public Events, people that wander in at the last minute and fire off a quick shot will not be able to loot the maximum level loot.

The Escalation Protocols sound like the epic challenge I want to take part in, without having to coordinate specific people to take part.  I hope it lives up to expectations!

I will be talking about Warmind more in the near future.  But for now, wish me luck!

Until tomorrow,

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