Um, thanks? JohnHQLD has been struck from Facebook sharing

I suppose the best part is that we are considered ‘News’ by Facebook, so that’s a win!

So Facebook disabled news sharing last week because of political/business games. That is as far into that as I am going to go.

Initially, my posts seem to share and work, and as JohnHQLDPlays is tagged ‘Games/Toys’ as I wasn’t comfortable calling myself a News site, I thought we were slipping under the radar.

Well, when I went to add a quick post for this morning, I was met with this:

Facebook - Current Site
I know posts get spotty, but I have definitely done more than this!

So today’s Crowdfunding posts was missing, as the one I was planning to talk about has been postponed. Tomorrow, March Highlights are ready to go. Friday honestly I am not comfortable with the quality of my review, but something will happen during the day.

The site marches on, even if sharing has become ‘problematic’.

So what is happening now?

Right now, nothing different. The site goes on, I talk about games, and things progress forward.

To see when new posts go up, make sure you follow me on Twitter, or bookmark the homepage and see what’s happening. While convenient, Facebook isn’t the only way to keep up with what’s happening!

I will give this another week or so and see what is happening, and see how things settle down.

Sorry about this, but thank you!

I know seems to take the brunt of any timing issues I have, and we are not the only site to be hit by all this.

So thank you for sticking around and keeping up with the site, it is very much appreciated. While I enjoy making the content, it’s great to see how well it is received!

Until next time,

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