UBOOT The Board Game – A very interesting Kickstarter

Simulation games are something that traditionally video games have had a handle on. UBOOT brings on a new look at this concept.

Many many years ago, I played a lot of Silent Hunter on the PC. It was a WWII submarine simulation with a career mode that I imagine took a fair snapshot of what it was like to command a submarine. One thing that is always missing from these situations is the rest of the crew. You know you can’t be the only person running the boat, and yet commands are invisibly carried out with a text response. UBOOT has decided this was also something lacking and added crewmates and other things besides.

On first look, I thought UBOOT was a semi-realistic Captain Sonar. I was very, very wrong. That real-time team action is a good comparison, but it’s also incomplete. Even hearing about the app, I thought XCOM the board game or some of the new ‘Overlord’ style digital apps, and still, this is an incomplete but not unreasonable comparison.

UBOOT allows up to 4 players to participate in skirmish games or a full campaign against an app-driven AI opponent. The App is also fairly unobtrusive, especially given the real-time aspect of UBOOT. Firing torpedoes, the periscope and the Enigma device are all handled by the app, but everything else is coordinated and decided by the players in real time.

There are only a couple of days left for the campaign, jump over to Kickstarter and check it out!

You can also see more and some videos on the Board Game Geek page.

UBOOT Demo Essen 2017

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