Tiny Epic Tactics has one more week on Kickstarter

Another Tiny Epic Game is on Kickstarter

The Tiny Epic series of games from Scott Almes and Gamelyn Games seems to be a divisive one in gaming circles.

I know people that swear by every iteration and rank them as some of the best games ever.  I know others that will walk away when they hear “Tiny Epic” anything and not give any game a chance.

I am in the middle.  I enjoy the idea behind the series, but not every entry has won me over.  For example, Tiny Epic Galaxies is a lot of fun, Tiny Epic Western not so much.  Well, to me anyway.

But that is actually one of the things that attract me to the series.  On their own, each entry is a lower cost gateway to a genre of games that many people may not have tried.  Sure, the Tiny Epic may be a gimmick, but it helps keep the costs down and storage space to a minimum!

So not liking some of the games in the series to me is no big deal.  No one like every type of game, so there will always be misses for players.  It just surprises me how many people judge the entire series from one or two isolated games.

When you have so many games you can release your own carry bag! Image from gamelyngames.com

It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote about Tiny Epic Mechs, and made no secret it was the interchangeable weapon loadouts and custom meeples that attracted me.  The game looks OK (I haven’t tried the Print and Play version yet) but it has a solid base, and I can pull it out to take somewhere instead of Adrenaline for example.

Well, the new instalment is using in the box storage solutions and terrain, similar to Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats. It’s also a tactics combat game, so think along the lines of Arcadia Quest in a lot of ways as well.

Now Arcadia Quest I acknowledge as a fun game with incredible components and a lot of replayability.  But like any big success and hobby, you can sink a lot of money even into a starter scenario.

Firefly Adventures: Browncoats and Brigands is cheaper and I am a fan of the series, but to date I haven’t really had the chance to get it to the table properly.

Both games have some issues introducing them to new players – one is cost, the other is the theme.  Yes, themed games – especially licensed IPs – can stop people from trying new games.

Not a new idea, but a compact idea and probably a good way to introduce people to a new style of gameplay

But a game in a little box with clever components?  It’s amazing how many people are willing to give a small box game a go compared to the bigger ‘proper’ games.

Tiny Epic Tactics has a few different game modes, which adds to the appeal factor for a wider audience.  Want to play solo?  There are solo rules.  Games are only fun when you dominate? Go the competitive ruleset.  Like to enjoy the social experience of cooperative gaming?  You are covered as well.

And this huge variety of choice is why I am pretty much going to stop talking about the game here.  The things I am interested in may turn you off, and the things I may gloss over or ignore as not for me may be what excites you about the game.

The best advice I can give is that if this has sounded interesting to you at all, check out the Tiny Epic Tactics Kickstarter page and check it out.  There are many preview videos as well as the information from the order, and a how to play solo preview from Gamelyn Games that I have also added below!

The Tiny Epic games should always be viewed on their own merits, and I certainly don’t have most of the series.  But the ones I enjoy I really enjoy, and I think that Tiny Epic Tactics will be one I can get to the table fairly often in various forms.

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