Time Carnage is coming to the Switch – sans VR

Time Carnage Switch?  Is there a headset coming?

I have reviewed Time Carnage earlier this year, so I won’t be talking about it too much here today.

Short version – stand in place and pick up various weapons to shoot everything from dinosaurs to robots in the face.  It’s a wave shooter, it’s a bit of fun, really that’s the story.

Looking through an impressive list of games released in the next couple of weeks, I was very surprised to see Time Carnage on the Switch.

Initially, I thought it was a typo. Time Carnage coming to something else. According to Nintendo though, it’s legit.

Time Carnage for Nintendo Switch

Now the trailer looks really close to the PSVR trailer, but the Nintendo site talks about motion controls.  This might work with the Joy Cons taking the place of the Move or Vive controllers, and I am guessing 2 player mode is just two players with one controller each.

What I don’t see working on the Switch though is the field of view.  A big part of Time Carnage VR is close to 180° field of view, and looking in the right direction is important.

But on the Switch, especially two player?  Use the analogue stick on one controller to simulate the head swivel maybe?

I don’t know if I will be buying this one day one, especially when I have it on VR already (twice technically).  But it’s interesting again seeing the raw variety of game coming to the Switch.

Maybe with the upcoming Nintendo Switch Firmware 6.0 update, maybe there is a Google Cardboard type headset on its way?  Nintendo already likes cardboard!  OK so probably not, but it would be interesting playing Time Carnage literally anywhere with the Switch on your face as a screen and using the Joy Cons as pistols.

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