There is a Transformers Trade Card Game is coming. Really!

Card Games in Disguise?

Not long ago, Fantasy Flight Games announced that Android: Netrunner is ending in October 22nd this year.  While the exact details are not known, essentially it came down to Wizards of the Coast not renewing/extending the licensing agreement that allowed the game to exist.

Now a lot of thoughts have been thrown around the internet, including Wizards of the Coast wanting to release Netrunner themselves.  I am personally expecting something Netrunner coming from Wizards of the Coast eventually, but I never thought this would be an announcement ever.

*Deep breath*

Wizards of the Coast is releasing a Transformers Trading Card Game.

I watched the cartoon in the 80’s and even had some of the toys.  The Michael Bay Transformers movies started out as a bit of fun, but to me have run their course.

Not sure what could be coming to warrant the push, but that could just be me being out of touch, or just overly cynical.  But either way you look at it, there is a new collectible card game coming, and it’s Transformers.

I think you can guess my first thought.  Just in case, it was – ‘Why?’

My second thought when I saw the news was ‘How are they going Transform cards?’

It's coming. Not sure how I feel about it all up, but it's definitely coming.

The character cards are apparently twice the size of normal trading card games, so no one is going to mistake these cards for anything else.  One of the reasons for such large cards are they would appear to be double ended, so you would turn the card 180 for the robot or transformed modes.

The assumption is that the two sides will be the Autobots vs Decepticons as this is a two player game.  But in the starter kit, it looks like you play Optimus Prime vs Bumblebee?  You can also see a card for Ironhide, and a fourth I assume will be another Autobot.  But if that is the starter kit, you can just have two Transformers wailing on each other?

There are worse premises for games, but I can’t really see why this would be a popular mixup, especially to fans.

All of this is speculation though.  More information will hopefully be coming next month at San Diego Comic-Con, where a special convention pack will be available for sale.

The game itself may be new, but there are already well known standards on display

Like the Munchkin Collectable Card Game, I will probably get a copy of the starter kit when it becomes available in September.  There is a great deal of potential for a unique game to be made with the Transformers franchise, and it will be interesting to see what has been done.

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