The Steam Summer Sale is now Live!

So now I know how much I am about to spend on Steam.

Quick one today!

Yesterday Steam released the regionalisation enabling the Australian Dollar on the Steam Store.

There were some hiccups – some games have dropped off the store because no Australian pricing has been added.  A couple of prices sneakily went up as well.

On the whole, the pricing seems on point.  Yes, a few things are more expensive, but most of what I have seen is $9.95 instead of $9.63, so I can forgive rounding.

But today in the middle of all the Black Friday excitement, the Steam Autumn Sale has begun.

The really nice deal for me is I know now exactly how much I am about to spend, without the occasional last-minute surprise of extra fees and conversion rates.

I am using this as a chance to knock a couple of games off my wishlist, but there are a lot of Asmodee Digital games on sale for some quick solo gaming.  Some of the new games I was hoping to get a bit cheaper like Love Letter aren’t on sale though, so my buying has been tempered.

Steam Autumn Sale Day One
Just a quick look at what is on special. It's nice knowing exactlyhow much the games are though!

Is there anything you have been waiting to play or knock off your wishlist?  Let me know on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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