The Rogue Set is here

A quirky Kickstarter project today!

People that play RPG or dice-heavy games know how the dice can work for or against you. There can also be the horror of someone else rolling your dice on you!

Or more commonly someone mistakenly packing away your dice because it’s another d20 in a set everyone else has because it came in the game starter kit.

This is one reason why there is a huge market for unique dice. Another reason is simply some die just look amazing, and that is the category these fall under.

PolyHero Dice have been on Kickstarter before, and they add a fun level to the standard fantasy RPG type. The dice are all the fairly standard affair, with d4 to d20. The difference is the appearance. The Warrior set has swords, helmets and gauntlets while the Wizard set focuses on potions and staves.

The new set currently on Kickstarter is the Rogue set and is a cute addition. There is even a stretch goal for a lockpick d20 set to add something a little different!

Not a required addition to everyone’s dice set, but definitely worth a look if you like things a little different.

Check out the Kickstarter project here.

PolyHero Dice Rogue Set
The bare bones of a fantastic idea
And what they become!
The render does show finer detail better
All of the dice! It will be hard for someone to accidentally grab your die

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