The Reviews are coming!

So the final piece of the puzzle is revealed.  Saturday begins the Reviews!

So the site has started well. Blatherings have been revealed, and general feedback at just the announcement is favourable already.  Thanks so much for that!

The missing piece remaining is the Reviews. Like Blatherings, Reviews has been softly revealed by the menus, so you know they are coming. Now I would like to say what I want to do with them.

Reviews are something I have struggled with a little bit. There are so many games coming out, and no single person can keep up with all of them. It’s just not possible.

As such, instead of trying to do two or three reviews weekly, I will aim for a board game review fortnightly, and probably a video game monthly.

The Reviews are aimed to be more my final thoughts on a game. Not only a brief outline of the game and its mechanics but my thoughts on it overall. The highs and lows of the playing experience as well as how I feel about it being in my collection are only part of what I am thinking.

This will also be further broken up into two alternating categories.

The first review each month will be of an older game in my collection, being a year or more in my collection. My first review will be for Tak. This is one of the few games I formally scored on Board Game Geek. As a little spoiler, that score does not hold up over time from my initial thoughts. Hence I want to re-review it as it were. You can read all about it Saturday the 10th of January!

My definition of newer games could be an issue for some though. Because of logistics shipping to Australia and general buying ability, my new games may have been out for almost a year already in the US or Europe. I will primarily be doing Kickstarters I receive and get to play to help limit this, but it is possible I could be reviewing a game that others have had for quite some time.

The monthly Video Game review will be on whatever game I have been able to play at least 20 hours. This is because my playtime has been quite limited of late, and I really don’t want to review a game that I played tired for an hour and gave up on it. Unless of course an hour into the game, I just didn’t want to play it anymore. Hopefully, I won’t pick any games like that though!

While this may not sound like a lot of content, this doesn’t mean I won’t be talking about a lot of other games during the month. For example, general impressions on what I have played are part of what I have planned for the Blatherings. As a rule, I hope to give impressions or mini-reviews for about 4-6 games a month.

Once again, I am hoping to do all of this with your help. If you agree or disagree with my feelings, let me know! Games are like any other form of entertainment – everyone takes away something different from them. Discussing different points of view is always a great thing, and helps others that are looking at the same item.

These are my opinions on the games, not the final word overall, and I would love to talk about the games with you.

Also, check out my collection on Board Game Geek here. If you would like me to review a particular game in my collection, by all means, let me know.

Until next time, have a great day!

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