The Renovations are beginning!

This is where the hard stuff comes into it

Happy Tuesday everyone!

So today is the first day where planning and current content timelines have hit.  No gaming news today, even though a couple of bits of news have made me raise my eyebrows.

As I have discussed previously here and on the Blatherings, I am bringing the site back to what I originally envisioned while doing some new things.

So what are you working on specifically?

Initially, website updates.  I have wanted to tweak the visuals for the site for a while, and I need to finish standardising my early posts especially.  This is going to be a long process where you will hopefully only see changes if you revisit old posts, but it’s time I need to put in again.  If the site looks funny, please let me know so I can fix it!

I have taken on board a lot of feedback on the layout of the site, especially the fonts and colours.  Fingers crossed this will be done mid-September with a mini-site relaunch 🙂


Reviews are being written.  I have quite a few lined up and after the relaunch, reviews will be twice weekly affairs 🙂

Videos have been outlined.  There are a few I have in mind, with old game streaming and some solo play videos.  How to play, play examples, and How to teach videos will become a monthly feature – well, at this stage anyway.  See how I go with everything after a couple of months and what the feedback is.

These videos all going well will start to appear on the site and the YouTube channel in late September 🙂

Video reviews at the moment are the last thing on my planned list.  My biggest problem is video takes a lot of time to script, film and edit.  I honestly don’t think I will have the time to do this as a twice-weekly addon to the written reviews.  But I try to never say never.  Reviews aren’t off the cards, just don’t expect them in the first instance.

And the changes I didn’t want to have to make

I have been getting some extra notice lately, and that has been great!  Unfortunately, it has also bought the attention of spammers.  There have been a number of registrations and comments made over the last week especially, none of which were legitimate so I have removed them all.

With the comments, I was hoping to manually approve only the initial comments then allow users to post based on good faith.  On one hand, the comments and discussions have not been as much as I hoped.  On the other, this system did stop spam and/or hurtful comments being publicly posted.

As such, for the short term at least, I have disabled new user registration entirely.  Registered users can still comment on the site, but for new visitors please comment or message me on the Facebook page.  Alternatively, if you wish to register on the site, email me at and I can get you set up within a day if you wish.  I just need your name and the screen name you wish to use 🙂

What do you think?  Do these plans sound good?  Is there something you wanted to see that I have missed?  Let me know on the Facebook page!

Until next time,

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