The Predator and 70 more Rick and Morty episodes confirmed!

It must be Friday!

Happy almost the weekend everyone!

A couple of quick points of interest today to hopefully get you through until the magical weekend.  I know mine is already fully booked, so looking forward to it!

There was even a chopper!

Way back in the old days (1987), I was not old enough to watch Predator.  Luckily for me, my parents let me watch certain R rated films after they had watched it.  This meant I got to see Predator for the first time around 1989 I think – feels right anyway.  Far from the worlds greatest story, it opened up a surprising amount of cross culture story possibilities for young John, and I have loved the universe ever since.

The best storyline for me to this day is still the original Drak Horse Aliens vs. Predator comics and the novel version Aliens vs. Predator: Prey.  Don’t get me wrong – Predator society is not one I would want to live in.  It’s harsh and brutal, with no margin for mistakes.  But to see some of the life rules I was being taught at that age being core tenents for an alien species was a great hook.

All of this is a really long way of saying – there is new Predator movie coming later this year, and the new trailer finally dropped.  Some of the trailer teases situations where I know the Broken Tusk fans will know what to expect, but this is different.  It’s no Deadpool 2, but I already have this lined up to see later this year.

Wubba lubba dub dub!

It’s no secret I am a huge Rick and Morty fan.  There are times I am scared how much I identify with Rick.  I didn’t just enjoy season 3, I revelled in it.  And like so many on the internet, we have all been waiting for news on Season 4.

Well, wait no longer.  70 new episodes confirmed.  Obviously, this is a multi-season deal, not a massive fourth season, and I couldn’t be happier.

I will let the announcement speak for itself.


Have a great weekend everyone, and I will see you tomorrow for the Blatherings!

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