The pre-Origins drought might be over starting with Heroes of Terrinoth

Just goes to show you can’t keep a good system down

And here I was thinking only Video Game publishers don’t wait for their big event for reveals!

Here I was, patiently waiting for Origins to start late next week (conveniently just after E3 – hmm) for the new Board Game news.  The dry spell the last couple of weeks I was expecting with the Origins build up, and with E3 and work quiet announcements was to be expected.  But then Fantasy Flight decided to jump the gun, and I am happy they did!

I think it was late 2016 when I got a copy of Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game.  I had been looking for something that really had the original Warhammer Quest feel, and I was hoping this would be it.

Short version – it wasn’t, but it was still a lot of fun.  For a card-based dungeon explorer campaign though, it was a lot of fun.  I was disappointed when the Games Workshop relationship ended with Fantasy Flight for a lot of reasons, one of which being Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game would not be getting any new missions.

Now I have been talking a lot about dungeon exploring card games a lot.  On the site, Escape the Dark Castle has gotten a lot of coverage recently.  It is a great quick simple game, great for 15-20 minutes.  Behind the scenes, I have been playing the Arkham Horror: The Card Game more when I can find the time.  It’s not regular because I don’t enjoy Arkham Horror, it’s now and then because it is a long and complex game compared to the others.  If I am going to spend 10 minutes or so setting up a game, then another hour or more playing one story, I need to be in a certain mood with the time to spare.

An entire dungeon set out ready to explore

So Warhammer Quest filled a great halfway point – a more cohesive story with changing goals depending on missions, but without the ‘fun admin paperwork’ that comes with deckbuilding in Arkham Horror.

Enter the Heroes of Terrinoth

So what do you do when you know you have a mechanically sound game, but can no longer publish the theme?

Create a new world and a new game!

Heroes of Terrinoth Box Art
Warhammer Quest 2.0 incoming!
So much cardboard goodness! Just enough to get you immersed in an adventure, but not enough to overload you either

Apart from simply being a new slap of paint on mechanics though, it looks like Fantasy Flight has taken this opportunity to also streamline and expand upon the original Warhammer Quest mechanics.

While Heroes of Terrinoth keeps to the ‘standard’ classes similar to Warhammer Quest, you can also select from different archetypes, increasing the chances of finding a character that fits your playstyle even more.

Your four 'classic' classes, but this is where your choices begin

Because it is a reimplementation of Warhammer Quest, I already know it’s a game I enjoy and will be getting.

This may be prematurely judging, but the world only really needs to be a generic fantasy setting for me overall, so the narrative can almost be anything at this stage.  Games Workshop has done a lot, but great narrative games have never really been a thing with them.  Plenty of Lore, but not really a story.

Check out Heroes of Terrinoth on Board Game Geek here, and I will do a review on Warhammer Quest in the next couple of weeks for more information on the game systems.

Maybe, if I can talk Alpal into it, we can even do another game playthrough!

Until next time,

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