The Mansky Caper – An Offer You Can’t Defuse

Cooperative or Competitive games tonight?  Why not both?

There are times you are sitting there, happily catching up with some games news, and one comes along that makes you perk up.  And then wonder how you missed it a year ago on Kickstarter?

One such game for me from Origins is The Mansky Caper from Ken Franklin and Calliope Games.  Everything about this game just calls out fun

The premise of the game is simple – your family of criminal associates is trying their best, but they are just getting muscled out of the really big jobs.

Al Mansky on the other hand, the richest mob boss in the country, is living the high life.  So what better way to get on top than to take from those already there?  That will make everyone take your family seriously.  Of course, it also wouldn’t hurt if you were able to take a bit extra for yourself on the side…

Not only is Al Mansky the richest mob boss, he is also the most eccentric.  This works in your favour because he doesn’t trust banks or cops.  All of his wealth is sitting locked in his house!  There is a slight hitch though.  While there are no alarms, his treasure isn’t unprotected.  Each safe is booby-trapped with bundles of TNT, so if you make a mistake – BOOM!

Players explore Al’s house and break into the various safes in order to steal the loot.  But you have to be careful what you pull from a safe!  It could be a Danger-Danger token, where you roll and see if you blow up your loot or not.  Get enough of these tokens, and the room is destroyed no matter what you do.

The Mansky Caper in all its glory

You can pull a ‘Gasp!’ token, which are little surprises that can be good or bad for you.  Or you can pull coins, gems, and even keys you can use to open other rooms in the house.

You keep grabbing loot and sharing with the people in the room with you, but to be safe you should stash loot in the getaway car.  But don’t play it too safe, because while you are stashing your loot, everyone else is busy grabbing more.

If you get blown up by Al’s little ‘presents’, you get blown Wile E. Coyote style back to the getaway car.  You can pick yourself up, dust off and dash back in the house, but unfortunately any loot you picked up didn’t make it with you, so you have to start from scratch.

The family is made up of eight associates, each with their own unique abilities.  The twist in the game though is you can’t use your ability to help yourself, meaning you really do have to work together!

During play, if you are in the same room as another player, you can offer your ‘Favour’ token to another player to let them use your ability.  You have to use it at the right time though – you only one favour to give.

You can watch a small video on each of the characters on Calliopes YouTube Channel here.

Your 'Family' in The Mansky Caper. Each cahracter has different powers, but with a twist.

So why help anyone else?  Well, you may be helping another player get more loot than you.  But if you follow them to the getaway car and call in your favour token, you both empty your loot and split it evenly before stashing it safely in the car.

Time this right, and you can get a lot of cash for very little effort!

During the Kickstarter Campaign, there were some ‘deluxe’ add-ons available.  One being wooden safes from The Broken Token, and the other acrylic coins from The Game Crafter!  Now, neither are what I would call a required upgrade, but I am hoping that because they are third-party products they will be available for sale when the game hits retail.  Even though Calliope has a reputation for quality components, I can see these safes especially taking a beating from my big hands, so something sturdier will be great.

The Broken Token designed wooden safes for the Kickstarter as an add on. Hopefully, they will be released with the game as well!

Hopefully, the Mansky Caper will be available for retail around Gen Con (August).  I for one cannot wait to grab a copy!

To see a full playthrough of the games, Calliope Games has a video on their site as well:

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