The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep Has Steam and Stretch Goals?

Beer, Beer, Beer – wait wrong game

While I have been talking about some older RPG games lately, a series I played but never held a must play place in my library was Interplay’s The Bards Tale.

It was a series that holds a special place for many RPG players, I was too young to really get into it and The Bards Tale was one of the games I came back to later when it was released as a trilogy on MS-DOS.

A few years ago, inXile bought The Bards Tale back – sort of.  It was a top-down tongue-in-cheek affair.  It was silly, and it was 15-year-old me kind of funny, but it wasn’t The Bards Tale.

After a mixed reception, inXile went back to the drawing board and with the aid of Kickstarter designed a direct sequel to the original trilogy.

The Bard's Tale IV Alpha Trailer

Coming to Steam and September 18th, The Bards Tale IV: Barrows Deep is coming out for everyone.  I have been kind of aware of it, but it hasn’t been a game I could say I’m truly looking forward to.

Not for any bad reason – it looks like quite a reasonable game built upon a solid premise.  The Bards Tale just doesn’t get me that excited, and apparently, I am not alone in this thinking.

So to help with this, inXile has announced a fairly unique strategy – well, unique for Steam.  Essentially, they are replicating Kickstarter social stretch goals.  If The Bards Tale IV makes it to 100, 300 or 500 thousand wishlists, the price of the game drops and potentially includes free DLC!

Bards Tale IV Wishlist Stretch Goals
Half a million people takes a few dollars off, and adds DLC. Not a bad deal.

This kind of promotion I can’t say I mind.  It’s just adding the game to your wishlist – no money down.  Some publishers have tried this before *cough Squeenix cough* with mixed results.

But adding a game to a wishlist?  It’s quietly effective.  Add it to your wishlist and bring the price down!  And a lot of us will probably do it, then forget about it.  Then Steam and will slowly remind us over time about that item on our wishlist.

In fourish weeks, it will just be ‘An item on your wishlist is now available’.  In a few weeks, it will be ‘An items on your wishlist is on sale’.  A few weeks after that, because we hardly ever clear our wishlist, it will get swept up in the Steam Summer Sale frenzy.

But today, it won’t cost you a cent to save a few dollars later.  Check out the Steam and pages, and see if you think it’s worth contributing to this little marketing gimmick.

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**Oh, and if you were wondering what Beer, Beer, Beer had to do with anything, this video from the 2004 Bard’s Tale may help 🙂

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