Terror Below is on Kickstarter!

Anyone that remembers Tremors will feel right at home with Terror Below

In today’s gaming world, there are a lot of games that seem to fight for your attention.  A lot of publishers use tricks like lots of mini’s or ‘Deluxe’ components to grab your attention. This isn’t always a bad thing, but it is pushing a lot of other solid games and mechanics out of the spotlight.

If I said Pick Up and Deliver games, the newest example I can think of is Wasteland Express Delivery Service, a game that players seem to either absolutely love or really, really don’t. Merchant of Venus, Power Grid, Steam and Keyflower are other fine examples of the genre, but again they tend to have that large divide in player opinion.

So what do you do when you want to make a new game based on a mechanic that seems to be in the process of being ignored?  Don’t take yourself seriously and have a ton of fun with it seems to be the best answer.

Concept game board and components from promo video

Renegade Game Studios and Mike Elliot have unleashed Terror Below on Kickstarter, and it tickles all the right parts of my brain. Terror Below is a Pick-Up and Deliver game where you pick up the eggs of underground creatures and deliver them back to the authorities (or at least someone) – hence the name of the mechanic.

Anyone familiar with the Tremors franchise is going to feel right at home in this world, and I think that’s just fine.  If you are a tremors fan, you are already putting your serious mind on hold to enjoy the ride.  And if you don’t know Tremors, the best advice I can give is just to sit back and enjoy the ride.

I would explain the gameplay in a bit more detail, but honestly, the Renegade Kickstarter video sums it all up nicely in 90 seconds, so I will just add their video here:

So who do I think would enjoy Terror Below?  Lots of people really.

It’s a Pick-Up and Deliver – a simple goal that is easy to pick up and get your head around.  There is combat after a fashion with the creatures, so there is some variety in ways of getting points and objectives.

The big plus to me is that Terror Below doesn’t take itself seriously.  Now you might think that’s just for the humour and setting, but it’s also shown in the streamlined ruleset.

A player has been eliminated?  No one has to wait – count your points and play again.  Need to build an engine for an hour before playing the game ‘properly’ for two hours?  Nope.  You can get three games of Terror Below in the same amount of time as one of many other games.

I don’t think that Terror Below is a game that will redefine board gaming, but I think we forget in the hype not every game has to.  Terror Below looks to be a fun light to medium weight addition to the Pick Up and Deliver genre that my collection is lacking, and I thank Renegade and all of the backers for making this possible.

Multi use vehicle cards seem very clear

Another nice touch is that there is one level – all in for USD$45.  No discount on recommended retail, but backers do get stretch goals and the Hidden Cache deluxe upgrades.  Everything included is on the Terror Below Kickstarter Page – check it out – the campaign goes for one more week.

But don’t just take my word for it – there are a bunch of other thoughts and previews on Renegade’s YouTube channel.  This even includes my personal favourite in a gaming Kickstarter – an actual game being played!

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