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If it needs power and isn’t about a particular game, this is probably where you will find it!

Still finding my feet with Talking Tech, so it’s a mixture of general guides on what to look for and tech that catches my eye.

When to Update or Upgrade your Computer

CES 2021 is here, and that means that a lot of new tech will soon be hitting shelves. This means another wave of questions like “Do I need this computer?” coming my way. That is never an easy question to answer, but today I will try and show you when you should Update or Upgrade your Computer, and some tricks to get better performance from your system now!

Choosing a Gaming Computer – Part 1 – The Monitor

Next-gen consoles, new graphics cards and CPUs, gaming got really complicated quickly! With so many options out there coupled with stock issues for almost all tech, I thought I would do a guide for what you should be looking at for a gaming PC. First off, the part that is always overlooked even though it shows you everything – The Monitor! The screen you want to game on should be used to tell you what type of computer you want to buy/build.