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Pandemic is coming to XBox One and Switch August 1st!

Pandemic has had a digital version for a few years now, but now it’s making the jump to XBox One and Switch!

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A new Pandemic spin off is coming – Pandemic: Rapid Response!

I enjoy Pandemic and have almost every single game with Pandemic in the title. Well, for about 4 more weeks, when I will be missing another one…

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Pandemic Review

What game do I love to play, is great to introduce new players to, and goes from strength to strength? This one.

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Pandemic is turning 10 years old! Time for the anniversary edition

Pandemic. The game that bought cooperative board games to front and centre. Probably the most famous game from Matt Leacock, this year Pandemic turns 10 years old. As is becoming tradition, it’s time for the fancy Anniversary Edition!

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Choose Your Own Adventure now has a new look

‘Fighting Fantasy’, ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ and ‘Pick A Path’ books were my first adventure experiences growing up. Might show my age a bit there 🙂 But a bit of a renaissance is being enjoyed for a few of these titles, with Z-Man giving Choose Your Own Adventure a new look

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Ever wanted a little more from some Z-Man Games? Mini Expansions ahead

Promotional cards and expansion content is great to help promote a game and change up an old favourite but can be hard to get for the rest of the world. Z-Man Games is offering their mini expansions directly from their website, for those of us that can’t get to the big conventions 🙂

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