Yeti in Wahroonga Village – August 7th, 2019

Can you find the Yeti and where it has been?

So people found the Yeti pretty quickly last week, but not so much the feet!

So I think maybe going forward, now you have to find not only the Yeti but both footprints as well!

Good Luck!

Last Week’s Answer

The Yeti is on the right hand side atop the roof

One Foot is above the fire truck ladder in the balcony

The other Foot is on a balcony on the let hand side of the picture

Fingers crossed, good luck everyone!


Yeti in Wahroonga Village – July 31st, 2019

Can you find the Yeti?

Two weeks is enough of that snapshot of the village I think. Let’s move things around a little bit…

Last Week’s Answer

The Juice Stand – Center of Wahroonga Village

How did you go? Rabbit did indeed spot the Yeti. The description of the stand was accurate enough to be a right answer.

How about you? Can you spot where the Yeti is this week?


Yeti in Wahroonga Village – July 24th, 2019

Can you solve the puzzle?

Last week we had a couple of fine attempts, but no-one found the yeti.

It was mentioned that the photo wasn’t super hi-resolution, and I could fix that. But when did you ever see a really clear photo of a Yeti? :p

This weeks photo:

Last Week’s Answer

On the roof, just left to the center of the village.

The Yeti is just to the right of the steeple.

Best of luck finding the Yeti this week!


Yeti in Wahroonga Village – July 17th, 2019


I have enjoyed the doodles, and they may indeed come back in some form or another, but I thought it time to change things up a bit again.

Based on Yeti in the House from Naotaka Shimamoto and itten games, the new puzzle is simple – tell me where the Yeti is!

You will need to be precise in your answers, and you need to make sure you find the Yeti and not one of the footprints! For example, “In the doorway” won’t cut it as an answer – there are lots of doorways in Wahroonga Village!

Speaking of Wahroonga Village, there are plenty of little easter eggs and just plain cool things in Alpal’s creation – see what else you can spy!

Can you find the Yeti, and dodge the fake footprints?

And that’s it! Tell me where in the Village the Yeti is, it’s as simple as that!

Last Week’s Answer

Railroad Ink
(Blue, but I would have taken either!)

Best of luck!

Until next time,