Tokaido Review with Digital Gameplay

Released 2012
Designer Antoine Bauza
Publisher Funforge (Website)
Players 2-5 (best 3+)
Playing Time Physical: 10-15 minutes per player
Digital: about 20 minutes
Category Set Collection
Variable Player Powers
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If you can’t go out and about, why not play a game where you explore the Tokaido pilgramage?

It’s Friday, and I bet you were wondering where the review was?

I decided to try something a little different today. Instead of trying to write up why a game of movement and collection is fun, why not show you?

So as a bit of an experiment, I hope you will join me as I play through the tutorial game of Tokaido in digital form!

So I present to you a full game, as well as some rule explanations I feel the digital implementation was lacking. Complete with Rambling Old Man Thoughts! 🙂

After filming, I did indeed confirm that right now Tokaido is free on the Google Play store, and AUD$1.27 on iOS!

I was playing the Steam version, which right now is AUD$13.89 on the Steam store. I play mainly on my phone, and it’s great to sit back and relax with. You really can’t go wrong with either version!

I managed to get a win on the game I started when the tutorial game was over

I also mentioned that Tokaido was getting to be a bit pricey and harder to find.

What I didn’t say in the video was to watch out if the expensive versions are the Collectors version. This comes with metal coins and painted miniatures, as well as the crossroads expansion. While still expensive, the cost is a little more justified.

The other reason some places aren’t pushing Tokaido as much is because a follow up is about to be released – Namiji.

Not a sequel as such, but similar mechanics are used with different options available when you stop on the road.

I haven’t playing Namiji yet, and I won’t be in the first wave as I didn’t back it on Kickstarter. Be sure I will be checking it out in the future though! 🙂

Similar mechanics, but a very different game

Overall Thoughts

Tokaido is a game I have had ‘serious’ players talk down about. Comments like “Too simple” or “Not enough to do”. For me, this simplicity is what makes Tokaido shine.

Sit down with a non-gamer, and explain they are taking a holiday. It really helps the scoring mechanisms click. Don’t want to paint? Go shopping. Don’t like shopping? Relax at the hot springs and talk to various people – you never know what you can get out of it!

Tokaido is a great game to sit and enjoy the company of others with, as you don’t need to spend all of your time concentrating on the game. Playing digitally, it’s a great way to play alone and just enjoy yourself. Plus you can play online with others if you wish!



  • Gorgeous art style
  • Random setup helps for great replayability
  • You can play relaxed or competitive – it’s up to you


  • Digital implementation needs a better tutorial or a reference for new players
  • Wish you could speed up AI animations

Until next time,


And now – a question

Reading about games isn’t the same as playing the games.  But what about watching the game?

So the most popular Blatherings so far is the recording of Alpal and I playing Escape the Dark Castle.

I think this had a lot to do with the link from the expansion Kickstarter recently.  But even without the shout out from Themeborne, it is right up there in first time listening numbers.

So when I first tried to do the site a while ago, I had some full playthroughs of Pandemic Legacy Season 1.  I have since taken them down because time and work got on top of me and I couldn’t keep up with the schedule I wanted.  They did OK for a non-advertised YouTube channel – people found them and I got positive feedback overall.

I would like to try and do a playthrough for every reviewed game, but I will have to be selective.  I don’t mind spoiling the first adventure in a series with a video (for example, Legacy of Dragonholt or the first case in Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective), because there are plenty of other adventures in the box and it shows how to play.  But a full playthrough of a three-hour game will probably be just too much.  I like to do the full unedited gameplay to show players where the bottlenecks of gameplay are (plus I am a very amateur editor!), but maybe not everyone wants to see this?  Going well, I might even branch out into game rules videos as well, time permitting.

So with all this in mind – is watching gameplay of games something you would like to see us do?  I don’t know exactly who the ‘us’ is yet, but I am sure some of my friends could be coaxed into it 🙂

Let me know in the comments or on Facebook what you think!

Until next time,