Jackbox Party Pack 6 Review

Released 2019
Platform PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, XBox, Switch (Reviewed), Amazon Fire TV, iPad, Apple TV, Android TV
Publisher Jackbox Games Inc. (Website)
Developer Jackbox Games Inc. (Website)
Homepage (Visit Website)
Players Usually 3-8 plus audience – recommend at least 5 players
Category Party Games

Sometimes, all you want to do is sit and mess with your friends. And Jackbox Party helps you do this ;D

I have plenty of party type board games in my collection, but most share a common flaw. They are all niche in some way. Geek trivia, Pop Culture, Dexterity or ‘gamey’ games. Whatever the niche, you are setting yourself up for just that game for a while.

None are bad games, but there are usually people that don’t want to join in because they feel they can’t win. The other issue can be the judging of answers. Even going with the written response, people can argue because there is a person to contend with.

This is where the Jackbox Party Pack shines. There is a central app that controls a series of different games, so any rules disputes are typically written off as ‘bugs’. It’s incredible how much this changes the focus of the group, and makes organisation and hosting game nights a breeze.

So it’s a trivia game? Pass

Like so many simple games, it sounds too simple to be any fun. But that isn’t where the Jackbox Party games shine.

Yes, there are trivia games. Word games. There are even drawing games. Each set features a unique host that has a series of jokes and quips that gets laughs as the game continues. The games each feel unique, even when using tried and true mechanics.

Having a host or forcing a player to get up and read a bunch of questions can make or break a games night. We have all been there. A great host can elevate Even a standard pub trivia night. Here is where Jackbox shines – you genuinely want to know what is going to be said next.

Yes, my friends were trying to skewer me for a small cash bonus. What a group :p

But why would I want to play a video game with a heap of people? No one has that many controllers!

One of the great features of Jackbox Party Packs is that almost everyone already has their own controller.

You need a device that ‘hosts’ the games sure, and in a party environment this works brilliantly on consoles as everyone can see the game on their TV.¬†

The players need a web browser to join in. And as almost everyone has a smartphone these days, everyone gets to play on a device they are already comfortable using. No mixing up XBox and Dual Shock buttons here!

OK, but how does this help with people that don’t want to play?

Say you are playing a game where you need to come up with clever wordplay. Some people do not enjoy this, and wouldn’t want to participate.

A great feature of Jackbox Party Packs is the Audience feature. You can have a few players competing, but everyone else can still be a part of the game by voting on the winning answers. Everyone always gets to play, and the audience has a vital role to play in picking winners.

The Audience feature is great for everyone at a party, but it has another bonus. If you are into streaming, you can stream your Jackbox game and have the room code as a part of the stream, including all of your viewers as well.

What can I say - I have a weirdly awesome group of friends to come up with words like this ūüėÄ

Playing like this has made the Jackbox panels at PAX Aus one of my ‘must-do’ panels each year – it’s so much fun watching the panellists playing, while at the same time participating in picking winners.

Well, that all sounds alright, but what do you play?

Each party pack comes with about five mini-games, each unique in their way. As you can tell from the title, this is the 6th such collection of games, with new packs coming out every year.

There is never the same type of game in each pack. As with every compilation, some that are gems, and some that aren’t.


Dictionarium is a fun and fast word game. Players are given a word, and then everyone comes up with a definition of their device. Once everyone is finished (or the time is up), everyone, including the audience votes on their favourite.,

Round 2 has players writing a synonym based on the winning response. Once again, everyone votes for the winner.

The final round has players then using their synonyms in a sentence. Once again, the winner is voted for by everyone. Finally, you end up with a definition and usage of a completely new word!

Dictionarium is a great quick game that can start the night or a quick reset between some of the bigger games. While fun, it’s not a game I would want to play multiple rounds of back to back.

Role Models

Role models is a great game for a group of friends or at least people that know about each other. Players vote on a category (e.g. Olympic Sports, Heist Jobs, Girl Scout Cookies), and everyone chooses who in the group would suit roles in that category.

When everyone finishes voting, the votes are counted, and a player is assigned that role. If there is a tie for the part, a mini-game between the players plays out to pick a single winner.

‘Correctly’ guess the player for the role, and you can win the game! But really for party games like this, the end score is usually an oversite.

While this is a fun diversion, I think its more fun when players know a bit more about each other. Most of the fun is seeing peoples reactions to what the group thinks of them. For example, why am I better suited to Curling that Synchronised Swimming? You need to know the people to get the most out of this. Randomly assigning players because you have to isn’t as fun.

Joke Boat

For all of those aspiring comedians out there, Joke Boat is here to let you shine. It is also a great way to get a room of people laughing at Dad jokes ūüėÄ

There are three rounds in total, with each round mostly sharing the same steps. First, you have the brainstorming round. Enter a bunch of subjects for people to write a joke about.

Next, players select a setup that includes the topics from the brainstorming. Finally, you write the punchline. Simple, right?

Players get to deliver their joke, and players vote on the best. Do all of this twice, with the final round having players trying to write a better punchline for other players jokes.

Joke Boat sounds like a lot of fun, and it was enjoyable, but again not a game you will want to play over and over again.

Push The Button

Push the button is a different Jackbox game in that it doesn’t include audience participation. Every player is a player, and each round is a different mini-game on its own.

The setup of the game is relatively standard social deduction fair. Players are all crew on a space ship, but some players are aliens in disguise. The humans must work out who the aliens are and eject them to win.

The time limit is worked nicely into Press The Button as well. The aliens have uploaded a virus into the ships AI and will delete it entirely in 15 minutes.

Each round, a different player takes the role of the captain and picks a mini-game and crew members to participate. Most of the games have the same kind of setup – answer a question. The catch is the humans get one question, and aliens get a different one. You need to look out for the outlandish answers and responses to determine who the aliens are.

As the game progresses, aliens also get the ability to hack the games and can give the humans ‘alien’ answers, or aliens ‘human’ answers. Because everyone is on their phones, it leads to some exciting experiences.

Anyone can vote to ‘Push The Button’ at any time to vote out aliens. The player that pushes the button then nominates who they think are aliens, and everyone not being accused votes if they agree. If the vote passes, the unlucky players are ejected into space!

If one alien remains on the ship, the aliens win. By far the most complex Jackbox game I have ever played, but one of the smoothest social deduction experiences I have ever played.

Murder Mystery Party 2

Murder Mystery Party is probably my favourite of the games in this pack. It’s a typical trivia game, but with a very dark humoured twist.

Players are guests at a spooky hotel, and the host happens to be a serial killer. Each round, players answer general trivia questions for cash prizes. Get the questions right, and everyone continues.

Get the answer wrong, and the host will get to have fun with you with fatal consequences. ‘Losers’ get to play a random mini-game with the host and safe players/the audience. For example, losing players must drink from a goblet. The catch is the safe players have added poison to the drinks!

If you lost the mini-games, you are not out of the game. You become a ghost and continue playing, so no player elimination in the real sense.

When there is one player left, you can then try and escape the hotel. This is done by answering more trivia questions, with each correct answer moving you closer to the exit.

The other players are still playing, and the higher their score, the closer to the exit they are. There is another catch – if you are in the lead, you can only choose two of the three choices, giving the others a better chance of catching up.

With congratulations like this, is winning really worth it? ūüėÄ

If you take the lead as a ghost, you steal the life force of the other player and then everyone is against you. Also, just reaching the exit isn’t quite enough. You have to answer the final question perfectly to win.

Murder Trivia Party 2 was by far our most favourite game of the pack.

They all sound pretty good, what is the downside?

Overall there isn’t too much wrong with any of the games. There were some localisation issues as the questions have a significant US bias, but that increased the ‘us vs the game’ mentality of the group.

On the Switch, there were also a couple of times that I had to close the game and start again. Far from the end of the world, but when trying to change games, having it hang was a bit jarring.

Overall though, if Jackbox Party Pack sounds like something you would like to try, grab one of the older packs for cheaper and give it a go. Each iteration has had a standout game for me that has made the cost worth it!

Until next time,


Access Denied Review

Access Denied Feature
Access Denied Feature
Released 2019
Platform Steam, PS4 (reviewed), XBox, Switch
Publisher Stately Snail (Website)
Developer Stately Snail (Website)
Homepage (Visit Website)
Players 1
Category Logic and Deduction
Escape Room-esque puzzles

When you want to exercise your mind instead of your trigger finger

While I have been playing some action-oriented games lately, I do enjoy logic problems. Getting a puzzle and working it over and over until a solution is found is an incredibly satisfying experience.

So a few weeks ago when I saw Access Denied on the PlayStation Store, I thought “Why Not?” and spent the AUD$8 on what looked like a promising little title.

So I one afternoon when I was working from home, I started playing. I thought it would be a good thing I could pick up and put down as I was waiting.

What I didn’t expect was to finish after about 2 hours. And that was a distracted 2 hours. But more of that later – let’s talk about the good stuff first.

What Access Denied does well

Access Denied doesn’t hold your hand. You start the game with a control panel and some great rain sounds. Clicking start raises a box, and then you are pretty much on your own.

You can rotate the device before you, and change the viewing angle. The first puzzle is straightforward, but you still need to work out what you can interact with.

When the puzzle is complete, a little hologram orb appears, and the next challenge rotates in. Simple, straightforward, and satisfying when you complete a puzzle.

The difficulty curve I thought was about right as well. New mechanics are slowly introduced, and I never felt stumped. There was always a path I knew I could try.

All in all, it’s a generally smooth experience that allows people new to puzzle games a safe entry point.

Access Denied Level Complete
When you are finished, the game shows you so very clearly

And what could Acces Denied improve?

I have only played on the PS4, but the controls aren’t great. Maybe the touchscreen would be better? Moving the reticle and clicking isn’t too bad, but you have the problem of moving too much or not enough with the analogue stick. A way to adjust the sensitivity of the movement would be nice.

And dials. They are terrible. Using the dials was genuinely frustrating for me. They made straightforward puzzles unnecessarily annoying.

My only other real gripe is the length of the game, but at less than $8 (on PS4) I don’t expect a 40-hour game.

Access Denied Dials
There is a trick to it, but it's still REALLY annoying to turn dials

And then there are the trophies…

On PlayStation and Xbox are the trophies or achievements. Earning them increases your score or level on your platform, and is something either sought after or ignored generally.

For PlayStation gamers, trophies come in four ranks and are awarded for specific tasks in a game. Bronze for small achievements, the backbone of the system. Silver for harder tasks or hidden goals, recognition of extra work. Gold for outstanding in-game actions. Get every other trophy in the game, and you earn the platinum trophy signifying your mastery of the title.

Kingdom Hearts 3, my first platinum since Resident Evil 7, has 46 trophies in all. 32 bronze, 10 silver, and 2 gold – plus the platinum.

Batman – Return to Arkham: Arkham Asylum has 48 trophies. 28 bronze, 18 silver, 1 gold plus the platinum.

The Telltale game The Walking Dead: Season One also has a platinum trophy. It is generally regarded as an ‘easy platinum’ as you only need to finish all of the episodes. Each episode is essentially a mini-movie with the occasional choice, so they aren’t considered ‘hard’ games. The Walking Dead: Season One has 41 trophies over 5 episodes. 30 bronze, 5 silver, 5 gold and of course one platinum.

JohnHQLD Trophy Sample
Day of the Tentacle doesn't count as a short game - I have played it at least once a year on PC for years!

Among these titles, you now have an idea of how trophies usually are shared out in a game. You are given a semi-secret score for each trophy you earn, all of which add up to your gamer level.

What struck me as odd was how much my PSN level jumped when finishing Access Denied. Sure, I had earned platinum which is worth a lot of points, but it still didn’t seem right. Plus it was only 14 trophies; things weren’t adding up. Then I looked at the trophy distribution. 2 silver, 11 gold, and the platinum. Not a single bronze trophy in sight.

For $8 and a couple of hours of my time, I had bought a platinum trophy and more gold trophies than three ‘full’ games. Not going to lie – this left a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t consider myself a trophy hunter, but this feels like an artificial sales incentive for Access Denied.

Want to get a lot of trophies quickly? Buy Me!

Access Denied stands on its own merits.  If I had just finished the game with nothing but a few bronze trophies, I would have been happy.  On PS4 at least this trophy grab incentive cheapens the game in my eyes.

Until next time,

Access Denied

Final Thoughts

If the biggest problem I have with a game is a perceived marketing ploy, it really can’t be a bad game.

Even the controls I could work around.  Access Denied is a game you pick up and play in short bursts normally.  Working around issues like that for a short time, especially for the price, is forgivable in my eyes.

If you are new to video game escape room type puzzle games, Access Denied is a fine game if you know it’s shortcomings.¬† If you have more experience, you can still grab The Witness for free on PlayStation Plus for a couple more days.



  • ¬†Solid introduction to video game puzzles
  • ¬†Challenging puzzles
  • ¬†Cheap


  • ¬†Frustrating Controls (on PS4 at least)
  • ¬†Short gameplay overall

Bungie brings Solstice of Heroes event with Moments of Triumph

Destiny 2 Triumph Rewards

Will this Solstice usher in Summer or Winter for the Forsaken expansion?

As previously mentioned, I left the original Destiny pre-DLC.  While I have enjoyed the return to Destiny 2 (mainly because of playing with friends), my enthusiasm has started waning.

The gaming news has been proclaiming heavily about Destiny 2 players being unhappy and ‘leaving in droves’, but I am back in a position where my main gaming partner Harls is currently enjoying Europe for a couple of months so I have been largely playing alone.¬† This extended leave couple with the large(ish) investment in Forsaken to ‘Complete’ Destiny 2 has had me wondering if I will play at all come September.

On Bungie Day (July 7th), they announced the Solstice of Heroes special event that includes the Moments of Triumph.

The Moments of Triumph are essentially lifetime play achievement awards, with four possible ranks leading to different rewards.

Most are in-game items, including a special Ghost, Sparrow and emblems.  One of the most interesting is the second reward Рthe ability to unlock the ordering of a special t-shirt from Bungie.  Yep Рone reward is to give Bungie more money.

Destiny 2 Triumph Rewards
Some new rewards for lifetime play achievements are part of the Solstice of Heroes Event

While this might sound bad, I have to admit it’s not something I am against.¬† Yes you pay for a shirt no one else can get, but it’s a real reward for in-game achievements.¬† It’s also the second reward, and one you don’t have to claim.¬† If this was the ultimate reward, I might call paying for other than postage a bit on the nose, but this isn’t the case here.

Another bonus (well, to me) is that because it’s lifetime achievements, players that have actually done ‘everything’ in Destiny 2 will already be working to their level 3 reward.¬† Even someone like me, a largely casual player, have already achieved the first reward!

Destiny 2 Triumph Profile
It's actually easy to see what you have or haven't yet done, and even includes checklists!

If you want to see how you are doing before the Solstice of Heroes officially launches at the end of the month, check out your profile page on Bungie.net here.

But while the Moments of Triumph may seem the main reward, this is not the case.¬† In fact, because the Moments are ‘lifetime’ achievements, it’s only the reward for what you have already done (or can grind through before August 28th).

The real achievement grind prior to Forsaken’s release in September is the new level 400 prestige raid gear.¬† Already the ‘best’ armour and equipment in the game, now you can beat the current level cap of 385 before the expansion.

Raids are something I enjoy but get to do rarely, so I don’t have a complete set of any of the goodies just yet.¬† But to have the ability to get the jump on power levels before an expansion is a huge opportunity – just ask anyone that tried an escalation protocol on day one.

Destiny 2 Solstice Armour
There is new special Raid armour to grind for during August

Harls is still away until possibly halfway through the Solstice of Heroes event, and the other people I might be able to play with have yet to finish the original story campaigns.

I have a clan with some great people that hopefully I can coordinate some time playing with, but this is going to be a slog.¬† I am definitely¬†interested in seeing what else the Solstice of Heroes event brings.¬† There are a lot of ‘Redacted’ entries in how to gain points for the Moments of Triumph.

Destiny 2 Triumph Points
There are still 165 points 'missing' to get to the event max of 400.

But will I buy Forsaken?

Only time will tell.

Until next time,


Battletech is almost here!

Battletech Feature

Can’t get through?¬† Build bigger mechs

My first experience with the Battletech universe was Mechwarrior when I was much younger than I am now.¬† Mechwarrior came out in 1989, I remember playing it in 1990 when my family got a PC powerful enough to play it.¬† Instead of being a soldier running around a battlefield, you piloted building-sized robots and blew up other robots.¬† Back then it’s all I needed to know.

This screenshot will give you an idea of what cutting-edge 3D graphics looked like in 1989.

Mechwarrior 1989
14 year old me couldn't get over the level of detail in this game

I had seen the name Battletech on things, but I didn’t care about it.¬† I wanted Mechwarrior.¬† I wanted to blow up bigger and bigger things – that was my only requirement.

Then came Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries.  I got exactly what I wanted.  There was some Inner Sphere story stuff that was getting in the way of me building my Mechs and shooting things though.

Later on the second playthrough, I started paying attention to the story, but that got cut short by life and a few other things.

Mechwarrior 2 Box Art
Bigger and Meaner in so much 3D glory

One of the things that got in the way was a game called Mechcommander.  I still had heaps of Mechs at my disposal, but now I was in the command chair rather than the cockpit.  I now knew about the Battletech universe, and Mechwarrior being one small aspect to it.  But I had what I loved, and I was hooked!

Mechcommander Strategy Screen
Planning squads and tactics was vital to keep your team alive
Mechcommander Battle
Amazingly detailed graphics let you watch your team ambush other Mechs like this

But all that changed over the years.¬† There were some other Mechwarrior and Mechcommander games, but I just kind of moved on for some reason.¬† I don’t think there was anything specific, I just kind of wandered away.

Then in 2015, a Kickstarter caught my eye.  Somehow.  I never do anything with Kickstarter as you know.

The first thing I saw was the title – Battletech.¬† Something triggered in my mind like I kind of knew it but couldn’t remember?

Then I opened the project, and saw this:

Kickstarter Banner
The Kickstarter Banner as is stands today

Then the memories all came flooding back.  Looking through the project, there were just so many positives for me to see.

First Рit was being run by Harebrained Schemes.  Apart from having one of my favourite company names ever, they did the amazing Golem Arcana board game.

Secondly Рand the clincher Рthey have Jordan Weisman on board.  The creator of the Battletech universe was bringing it back!

Now, at long last, the wait is over.  I have my Steam key and waiting for the preload.

April 25th, I will be able to once again command squads of Mechs and stamp the universe with my will.

Check it out on Steam or Gog.com!

Until next time!


Asmodee Digital announces Mansions of Madness: Mothers Embrace

Mansions of Madness Mothers Embrace Title

The Arkham Horror Files are indeed growing

It basically started with Arkham Horror.  Taking the Lovecraft Cthulhu mythos, Arkham Horror was a huge undertaking both in production and player investment.  Over time, games like Eldritch Horror, Elder Sign, and Mansions of Madness have been added to the world or the Arkham Horror Files.

Each game in the series offers something different and is aimed at very different types of gamers.  Arkham Horror has Investigators cooperating to explore the town of Arkham to try and foil the plans of the Old Ones.  Eldritch Horror took the game to an international stage.  Elder Sign has players exploring the Arkham Museum by completing dice rolling challenges.  And finally, Mansions of Madness introduced the one vs many type gameplay as players explored the house.

Mansions of Madness Second Edition evolved the game from one vs many to a straight cooperative game.  This was done by introducing an app that took the part of the player controlling the evil forces.  And it was a great success.

This wasn’t the first digital dabbling for the Arkham Horror Files though.¬† The first is a game called Elder Sign: Omens, a digital version of the original Elder Sign.¬† I have mentioned this game before and is a great little filler game on my phone, and I recommend to anyone looking for something a little different¬†they can pick up and put down.

Elder Sign Omens Title Screen
Elder Signs Omens

But this article isn’t about the past – it’s about what is coming.¬† Announced for a first-quarter 2019 release, Mansions of Madness is getting a digital reimagining.

Titled Mothers Embrace, the only thing really confirmed is that the game will be a third person adventure game, I am hoping similar to the old school Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil and Silent Hill type gameplay.

Mansions of Madness Mothers Embrace Title
From the Steam teaser video

This will be a single player game, the player will control four investigators simultaneously.  This may lead to puzzles like in the Day of the Tentacle, where one investigator cannot continue until another has done some actions in another area.

Keep in mind, musings on gameplay is all purely speculative.  But I do enjoy the world of the Arkham Horror Files, and another game to introduce this universe to people is something I will always be keen on.  As a marketing tactic, making different types of games that appeal to different players is a great way of leading players into new experiences.

Something to put to the test though is the developer Luckyhammers.¬† At the moment I haven’t seen any of their work, but they are working on the digital version of Terraforming Mars due out in the next couple of months.¬† While Terraforming Mars is a more traditional digital board game implementation but will be the first look at what they are capable of.

Until more information, enjoy some of the screenshots from the Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace Steam page.

Mansions of Madness Mothers Embrace 2
Mansions of Madness Mothers Embrace 3
Mansions of Madness Mothers Embrace 1

Microtransactions out for Shadow of War, but what’s the real reason?

Shadow of War Release Plan

‘You Shall Not Pay’.¬† Yep, it’s already a dad joke.

Ahh, microtransactions.  Yep.  Even non-gamers are over the debate.  From humble beginnings with mobile gaming, microtransactions are now causing legal debates amongst lawmakers around the world.

One of the biggest outcries of 2017 and something game publishers need to work out, microtransactions run a wide spectrum of both understanding and implementation.

Generally speaking, there is the ‘Freemium’ model primarily on mobile where you get a free game, but pay for power-ups¬†or new features. Think Candy Crush or The Simpsons Tapped Out.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Donuts

The new middle ground is championed by Overwatch Рfull price game, pay for cosmetic upgrades.  Then there is what is affectionately known as EA level b#*!shit.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was deservedly or not the game that caused the world to pay attention to microtransactions.¬†¬†Around the same time though, Warner Brothers Middle Earth: Shadow of War also made quite a stir with its microtransaction strategy.¬† Oversimplified, the strategy was basically to scream at you that transactions were available, and if you buy them you don’t have to grind as much.

Now, I enjoyed the original Shadow of Mordor, but I am nowhere near finishing it.¬† The same repetitiveness and just off controls made the grind just too much for me.¬† Twice.¬† Seriously, play any of the Batman Arkham games, then try Shadow of Mordor’s combat.¬† This is why my Shadow of Mordor trophy count will ever increase.

Sahdow of Mordor Trophy Progress

Shadow of War got slammed by reviewers.¬†¬†I read and watched a lot of the reviews when Shadow of War came out, and I couldn’t tell if the gameplay improved.¬† So many reviewers screamed and ranted about the microtransactions then focused on any small flaw while they were in the groove so to speak that I just couldn’t work out if I would like to play it.¬† One gripe I can agree with and stopped me from even trying Shadow of War was the market Nemesis opponents.

The Nemesis system was one of the seeds that still makes me want to love Shadow of Mordor.  Being beaten by an Orc or continually beating one causing a rivalry is a novel and unique experience to each player.  But if I have to buy a stronger opponent to get through the game?  Come on.

Shadow of War Nemesis

So after losing a heap of players (and their microtransaction dollars), Warner Brothers have announced that they are removing the loot crates!  Yay!  And conveniently this update comes with the updates for the Desolation of Mordor DLC.  Really?

Now to be completely fair, Monolith has made the announcement.¬† Monolith is the game developer and as such the face of the Middle Earth series.¬† But Warner Brothers are the publishers, the people with the seed money and the shareholders to appease.¬† That’s why I say ‘Warner Brothers’ when talking about financial plans with Shadow of War.

While Monolith isn’t on my top video game developers list, they obviously care about the games they produce.¬† Now I can’t really fault Warner Brothers for wanting in on the microtransaction money mountain.¬† Figures thrown around last year had microtransaction income at almost triple the income from software sales, and that is a multi-billion dollar industry.

But on May the 8th, when the Desolation of Mordor DLC hits and the microtransactions aren’t around anymore, I am of two minds.

On one hand, Monoliths entire game will be available and close to how I think they imagined their game in the first place, and I hope it’s something they will be proud of.

Secondly, I just don’t care.¬† Based on my experiences with Shadows of Mordor, the microtransaction cloud over the reviews for Shadow of War slamming it so much, and the transparent ‘Oh your not giving us money so here is the game you wanted’ message this announcement sends,¬† my feeling is just ‘Guess what I won’t be buying at all?.

Shadow of War Release Plan

If I get time and this comes out on sale or even on PlayStation Plus, I might give it a try.¬† There were enough seeds of greatness in the first game I want to like this series, but at the moment I just can’t.

If you already have a copy but stopped playing because of the Microtransactions, then give it a go shortly after May 8th and let me know what you think.

Until next time,