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Game Deliveries this week – It’s no Gen Con, but it’s still a haul!

So Gen Con 2018 is over, and Facebook and BGG are full of proud attendees showing off their amazing hauls. Here in Australia, really all I can do is sit back and look with envy at games that I hope will hit my shores soon. But the week isn’t over, and the mailman has bought me some presents! Kickstarter pledges for The Big Score and Mint Delivery, and my preorder for Big Trouble in Little China to be precise 🙂

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A new month, and the April Kickstarter queue is already forming

Can’t even slowly slide into the month! For the start of April Kickstarter list, two active projects and one starting tomorrow have caught my eye.

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All Kickstarter projects hope to be The Big Score. Will this be one?

Card drafting and push your luck isn’t a combination I would have thought of, but Van Ryder does quirky well. The Big Score is for 1-6 players and plays up to an hour no matter the player count.

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