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Clear, Concise Ramblings 002 – Tower of Madness

What happens when you mix Edler Sign with Kerplunk? Tower of Madness tries to answer this question! Join Alpal and I as we discuss our thoughts after a couple of initial games.

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Last Week’s Gaming October 15th 2018

Another week, another few games played! Very quite video game wise this week, prepping for PAX Aus is taking a lot of my time at the moment. But new games Tower of Madness, Dagon’s Bones and Dead Man’s Chest all got a look in, as did Dragon Castle!

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The Tower of Madness is everything you expect, but totally different

I have already said I am looking forward to playing Tower of Madness, but now it’s so close to coming out! It’s essentially a dice game where you are ‘punished’ by taking tentacles from the Tower and possibly losing your marbles.

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