New idea – would you like to hear some beginner tech pieces?

Seeing as how tech has a lot to do with my paying job, it’s an idea I think has some merit.

Recently I have talked a bit about things like PlayStation Now and my thoughts coming into the new console generation. I also get asked pretty often about gaming PC setups – laptops, notebooks, ultraportables, that kind of thing.

I have been watching a lot of tech channels on YouTube lately (I already watch a few quite regularly anyway), and for me they are great. Bleeding edge tech and breakdowns, cutting edge scenarios, what if budgetless builds – it’s geek porn for me.

But if I try to send someone looking for build advice to one of these channels, the message can get pretty mixed up. A lot of YouTubers put caveats on what they are showing, not saying definitively ‘this is better than that’. This is a good thing because what is best for me is not necessarily best for you, and that is hard to judge without a personal consultation.

To get the most out of these videos, you have to already understand what you are looking at. A lot of people in the comments can be cruel to people asking beginner questions looking for clarifications. Forums can be the same way.

This is cool, but does it help you pick a PC? *Image from Unbox Therapy YouTube channel

I am not trying to call out YouTubers. The fact is, most of them are only talking about the cutting edge because they are paid to. And I don’t just mean by companies looking for them to sell the benefits of their equipment. By watching their videos, you are paying them with ad revenue/YouTube premium. New tech = more views = more money. YouTube is a business, after all. The people I watch know their stuff, or I wouldn’t watch them. But if I want to look at reviews for a budget to a mid-tier build, I usually have to go back a fair bit in their timeline. It feels like there is always a ridiculously over specced showcase build recently released though.

This is where I have a bit of an advantage. is still very much a hobby project for me, and this is the sort of general advice I can write and update every few months. I don’t have to worry about the impact on my revenue stream. It’s stuff I talk about a half dozen times a week in my professional life anyway for various scales.

So here is my problem. One of the articles I keep rewriting as I am still not happy with it is how PC Gaming Systems – as a category, not as a platform – is dead.

Another is why I am really excited about companies adopting Graphene batteries – hopefully, this year. I still have opinions and speculation articles as well, such as why AUD$1,000 for the PS5/Xbox Series X is actually not a terrible price. Seriously if Sony and/or Microsoft is reading, don’t make your consoles this expensive. But I can still justify the price if it is.

What I don’t want to do is bring reviews on Super Graphics Card Gedeon X Ultra Alpha 3 or things like that. I can’t afford the time or hardware :p There are plenty of excellent YouTube channels dedicated to talking about things like that already anyway. What I can do is talk to people starting out why an AUD$2,500 video card isn’t what most people need, and why.

While I want to talk about different cards, none of these comparison articles are on the horizon *Image source: TechRadar

Some people are nodding their head, some are getting ready to type in all caps how I am mad/wrong/stupid, some are curious, and others are just “Meh. Who cares?”.

This is where today’s survey comes in.

Because these are things I can talk about in various degrees of detail, I can write about the basics and changes for months. Great, I have site content for ages this way! But do you want to read all of that?

It would all circle back to gaming. I know from the little things I have said it doesn’t sound like it, but I do promise to keep it gaming relevant. I also won’t be cutting any of my current content unless you really want me to. This sort of stuff I have planned in the Tuesday/Thursday post schedule that’s up in the air at the moment.

So, would like to see me write about more tech type stuff in a beginner friendly context, or if I should stay away from it altogether?

If you do want to see what I am writing, there is a second part. These articles could get quite wordy by necessity. As such, would you prefer to read them as I do articles now, or would you like a vlog type video and/or podcast release as well? The podcast would mainly be the vlog audio-only, but maybe you would like to listen to my thoughts rather than read lots of text?

Let me know!

The survey!

Finally I got there! Now you have a tease of the sort of things I want to talk about, are you interested in hearing any of it?

Click on your choice and hit Vote!

Thanks for giving your thoughts – it will help to shape the site into something we all enjoy 🙂

If there is anything else you would like to see me do or try, as always feel free to drop me a line! You can leave comments below, message me on Facebook, @JohnHQLD me on Twitter, or even email me at!

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And now – a question

Reading about games isn’t the same as playing the games.  But what about watching the game?

So the most popular Blatherings so far is the recording of Alpal and I playing Escape the Dark Castle.

I think this had a lot to do with the link from the expansion Kickstarter recently.  But even without the shout out from Themeborne, it is right up there in first time listening numbers.

So when I first tried to do the site a while ago, I had some full playthroughs of Pandemic Legacy Season 1.  I have since taken them down because time and work got on top of me and I couldn’t keep up with the schedule I wanted.  They did OK for a non-advertised YouTube channel – people found them and I got positive feedback overall.

I would like to try and do a playthrough for every reviewed game, but I will have to be selective.  I don’t mind spoiling the first adventure in a series with a video (for example, Legacy of Dragonholt or the first case in Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective), because there are plenty of other adventures in the box and it shows how to play.  But a full playthrough of a three-hour game will probably be just too much.  I like to do the full unedited gameplay to show players where the bottlenecks of gameplay are (plus I am a very amateur editor!), but maybe not everyone wants to see this?  Going well, I might even branch out into game rules videos as well, time permitting.

So with all this in mind – is watching gameplay of games something you would like to see us do?  I don’t know exactly who the ‘us’ is yet, but I am sure some of my friends could be coaxed into it 🙂

Let me know in the comments or on Facebook what you think!

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