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Gloomhaven Early Access – Initial Play and Thoughts

It’s finally here – Gloomhaven digital! And even better I finally got to play it 🙂

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Pandemic is coming to XBox One and Switch August 1st!

Pandemic has had a digital version for a few years now, but now it’s making the jump to XBox One and Switch!

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Gloomhaven Early Access Price Announced

Gloomhaven is still getting amazing reviews, but getting a hold of it still isn’t easy. Even if you have a copy, setup and tear down are hard. But a digital implementation is coming to Steam Early Access next week!

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Void Bastards is coming this week – this could be frustratingly fun

Bringing back the era of strategy first gaming, Aussie led Blue Manchu games latest offering Void Bastards is set to release tomorrow!

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Doctor Who is coming to VR this September – Don’t Blink!

Time has broken, and come September we can help the Doctor fix everything. Or not. Time will tell.

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John Wick 3 is coming, as is John Wick Hex

It’s going to be amazing to see the conclusion of the John Wick trilogy next week. But there is still more John Wick goodness coming!

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Donut County Review

Want a game you can pick up and put down while relaxing you? Meet Donut County.

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Access Denied Review

I saw Access Denied for $8 on the PlayStation Store. I thought a bite-sized puzzle game would be fun. What did I think of it?

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Resident Evil 2 – 1 Shot Demo Review

In preparation of Friday’s release, I finally got a chance to play the demo. And I liked it. A lot. Seriously, it’s free and available for another 2 weeks – go try it!

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