Two games I want are out today – but the Steam Summer Sale is coming

One game that’s semi-free, and one I can play in VR freedom

So Tuesday I wrote about Void Bastards and how I was looking forward to giving it a play.

This morning, I checked Game Pass before coming in to work and there it was! I don’t see it on the Microsoft store, so playing on XBox it is.

It is available on Steam for AUS$43 (alright, $42.95) so if you want to play it on PC that’s the way to do it right now.

From everything I have seen so far, this is a title I am hoping will make it’s way to the Switch – but I will wait until I have given it a play before confirming that wish.

You can grab it now as well! Included in Game Pass, and on Steam.

I do think I will prefer Void Bastards on PC with keyboard and mouse, but if the controls work well having it handheld sounds amazing.

Either way, all going well I will give it a try tonight.  This weekend for sure.

And if I can finish setting everything up properly, I might even capture some video of my playing 🙂

The gangs all here. Oh great. All of them? Really?

Another title that is now available on Steam (coincidentally also for AUD$43) or AUD$45 on the PlayStation Store is the heart attack inducing Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted.

I really want to give this one a try.  I went through the first three Freddy games back in the day but started to not throw myself at them for everything else.  Combination of time and stress I was already under.

I am a little torn with FNAF VR. It’s going to be stressful, and jump scares are an integral part of the franchise.

But I just got my wireless Vive adaptor, so no cables to trip me up.

What do you think FNAF fans? PS4 for the Platinum, or Steam VR for the wireless freedom?

Either way, I don’t think I will be making any Steam purchases for four weeks.  Traditionally, the Steam Summer Sale is just before Australia’s end of financial year.  Even though both games are new, some dollars off is some dollars off – which can be used to buy more games!

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You thought E3 and Origins hurt your wallet – the Steam Summer Sale is here!

Steam Summer Sale Banner

Well there goes another whole bunch of hours

Steam Sales.  They are every six months, and we buy a whole heap of games we won’t play because it’s only $2 and I have wanted to see what it’s like for ages!

There are some really good deals though.  Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, for example, is almost half price, which is making me think of not playing it on the PS4.  I know, I’m a rebel what can I say :p

Subsurface Circular, an experimental text-based detective story where you try and solve a mystery confined to a single train carriage, is finally in my cart.  As has the 2014 Time game of the year 80 Days, where you get to participate in Phileas Fogg’s famous race.

This year the folks at Valve are doing something a little different.  You can play some mini-games on the site and help protect the Saliens from the Doldrumz!

Yes it’s cheesy, but it is a fun little touch and you get to win some games in the process.  I have only had a chance to play and protect one sector (and didn’t do great as I haven’t levelled up yet), but I can see this being a quick distraction during the day.

Steam Summer Sale Salien Game
Haven't you always wanted to play a game while you are shopping for games?

Check out the Steam site, even if only for a free game for a couple of weeks in the Saliens web game.

I would also suggest checking out the Asmodee Digital collection, which has been impressively growing over the last few months.  The ability to solo play quite a few games quickly and with no setup can be a lot of fun, and worth a peek!

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