Site Updates

New site plans on hold until 2022

I was going to release this yesterday, but this is no April Fools. It’s coming up to 5 months and no new CPU, and the workarounds are taking their toll. I can’t keep up with my own schedule. As the pressure is ‘self-inflicted’, I can revert back to keeping JohnHQLD as a blog. At least for this year. But that doesn’t mean my plans are shelved…

Site updates 2021 – First stage is done!

When I came back, I talked about changes I was looking to make with the site. The intention was to make searching and being notified on what you are interested easier to find. Well, I am happy to say that Stage 1 is now complete! What does this mean? Well, I go into the changes and future updates in detail today.

Site reevaluations and big changes coming – just not soon.

So I slowed down to 3 pieces a week and simultaneously planning new projects and extra work. It isn’t working. So, while I am not shutting down the site, a longer break and cull is in the work for a little while. will still be a thing, but there are a lot of site changes coming. What are they? I need time to plan out and time manage to be sure.

But I hope whatever happens it works for us all. Have a great weekend everyone!