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Space Goat seems to have gone back to space?

Well, Space Goat is just gone. No Kickstarter updates, no Facebook updates, convention booth space rented to others, websites down – where’s Dog the Bounty Hunter when you need him?

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Space Goat Productions Update – from a Lynnvander perspective

So Space Goat Productions has not been a good place to talk about for a while now. Recently a Designer Diary from Lynnvnader designer Tommy Gofton gives a bit more of an insight into the day to day business realities of working with Space Goat. This isn’t only informative for Terminator and Evil Dead 2 backers, but also for people interested in how game companies work together – both ideally, and not.

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Quick update to the Space Goat Productions Kickstarters

Just a quick update on the Space Goat Productions Equity offer – Shon C Bury has finally posted on Kickstarter after weeks of silence

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Space Goat Productions is offering Equity. Maybe an Explanation?

I have said many times, I love the idea of Kickstarter. A place you can help make dreams happen. And like anything involving dreams, you have to be careful. Space Goat Productions has been having a lot of difficulties over the last 18 months, but the latest update of an Equity Offering seems to be too much to believe.

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