E3 2019 Day 2 – my picks of interest

Halfway through, what tickled my fancy today?

Not as excited by a lot of today’s news as I was by Day 1’s, but there was still so much goodness to be viewed! Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Watch Dogs Legion

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Watch Dogs. In a weird way, it felt too ‘Assassin’s Creed’ samey grind for me.

That said, over the last few years, apparently Ubisoft has lifted their game big time, and I keep being tempted to give it a go. Too much backlog has spared me so far, but these games keep coming to Game Pass, and surely PS Plus will get a shot soon.

But a Watch Dogs where they have ironed out the kinks, and bring in recruitment and multiple characters? I am not pre-ordering, but I will be keeping an eye on Watch Dogs Legion, be sure of that 🙂

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Excited for this one, but I am not 100% sure why.

My Final Fantasy is VII. That is the first one I played, and as such it has a special place in my heart. In a lot of ways, XII is probably my favorite of the series, but that’s a different story.

But now, the ‘missing’ remaster is coming to basically everything. In a lot of ways, I want to get this on Switch and make it my portable Final Fantasy machine 🙂

But backwards compatibility is finally being taken seriously by Sony. Decisions, decisions. Either way you go, I am glad this fan is finally getting the remaster treatment like the rest of the PS1 classics!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind

So technically revealed prior to the Square Enix presentation, it was a flip up between including Re:Mind or Final Fantasy VII Remake.

While I still feel the difficulty required for the Kingdom Hearts 3 Platinum was lowered considerably, the fact that even as busy as I was I could still earn the trophy should demonstrate my love for the series.

There is more coming. If you know what the story is about from the trailer, then you are amazing.  All I care about is more Kingdom Hearts is coming, and I want to play it 😀

The Last Remnant Remastered

When Square Enix makes a hit, they make a hit. The Last Remnant was released for XBOX late 2008, and never seemed to make as big an impact as its Final Fantasy counterparts.

But it should have.

I still have The Last Remnant on Steam. Not a fancy remaster, but I can play it still I believe. Last year, the remaster was released on PS4, possibly as an apology for it never coming out on PS3 like it was supposed to?

Either way, you can play it now on the Switch. If you are short of deep narrative adventures, give this one a look. It deserves more recognition, it really does.

And that’s about it for Day 2 and what piqued my interest!

What about you? Are you really excited for something that I haven’t mentioned?

Until next time,


Solo: A Remastered Yakuza 5 Minute Dungeon.

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens tomorrow!

I have grown up on the Star Wars movies.  I was only 2 when Episode IV came out, but I remember being taken to see Return of the Jedi at the drive in.

The latest ‘episode’ Star Wars movies haven’t been bad, but I haven’t enjoyed them as much as I probably could.  There is the chance for new stories to be told, but they keep sticking to the ‘original’ themes as an over homage.  Well, that’s my one line opinion anyway.  Like an onion or Shrek, there are many layers to all this, and I won’t skip any new ones.

But it is having a bit of an effect on me this week.  Solo: A Star Wars story opens tomorrow here in Australia (well midnight tonight if you really can’t wait) but I can’t get excited about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am going to watch this movie.  Rouge One was the best ‘new’ Star Wars film yet, and Han Solo and Chewbacca are my favourite partnered characters in the universe.  Well, in the old extended universe anyway.  Solo will let me know how much of that old backstory has changed, so I don’t know if the same elements I love (loved?) are still there.

I can’t even say it’s the prospect of the story changing that is stopping me from being excited.  When Disney announced the extended universe was null and void, yes I was initially upset because all the lore I had learned and enjoyed over the years just got snapped out of existence.  (Foreboding puns anyone?)  But just as I was initially upset, I was also excited.  I understood this was a move Disney simply had to take, or their creative options amounted to none at all.

So I will try and make sometime this weekend, maybe the next, to sit and watch Solo and try to avoid as many spoilers as possible.

Until then, I leave you with possibly my favourite Solo trailer and new craze that seems to be hitting YouTube lately – Solo: The Lego Version.

Well Yakuza is getting the remastered treatment now!

Yakuza (or Ryū ga Gotoku in Japan) is a series I know of but chose to let slip me by in the gaming world.  A lot of people I know we’re thinking the same thing and was probably a big reason why I didn’t jump in wholeheartedly.

With storytelling similar to the Yakuza films popular in Japan (think of Yakuza films as a genre, they are crazy popular in Japan) all the ingredients for things I like about video games are there.  Character development, straightforward story progression with the ability to just stop and explore many sub-branches, strange quirky jokes – Yakuza had it all on the PlayStation 2.  Except my full attention.

With the release of Yakuza 0 on PlayStation 4 last year, and Yakuza 6 this year, the series has gotten a lot of attention again over here.  Yakuza 0 was a great move for new audiences, as it is a prequel so no prior knowledge was required.  This allowed Yakuza 0 to act as an introduction to the world of Yakuza, and what an intro it is.

Well, that all proved so popular, Famitsu is reporting remasters of entries 3, 4 and 5 are coming and in pretty quick succession in Japan, with the Yakuza 3 remaster releasing August 8th, 2018!

Yakuza 3 - out in Japan August 8th. No word on International yet though.

Yakuza 4 is set to release about three months later, and Yakuza 5 in 2019.  Well, released in Japan anyway – no word on international releases, but fingers crossed!

Some gameplay from Yakuza 6 can be seen below to give you idea on what to expect if you haven’t seen the games before.

A second chance at a Kickstarter I missed

Way back in 2016, I was having a break from Kickstarter for a few different reasons.  One of those “Awww that looked fun” gems was 5-Minute Dungeon.  If I was to try and describe 5-Minute Dungeon, it would be ‘cooperative chaos.  Think of a mix between Galaxy Trucker and Magic Maze?  It’s not quite right but gives you an idea if you know those games.

I say those games aren’t quite right, because you are dealing with mostly randomised dungeon decks and matching cards to play rather than coordinating on a set known board.  What does hold true is the game is won or lost in five real-time minutes.  There is no sitting and debating for ages in this game – card comes out, react now or lose.  The how to play video from the creator may give you more of an idea.

Fair warning though – this game appeals to my sense of humour, so plenty of terrible dad type jokes await all that play 😀

Over on Kickstarter, there is a short (14 day) campaign for the sequel – Curses: Foiled Again!

I am loving this because a) it was popular enough for an expansion and b) I can buy the base game again!  Finding it at retail has been a bit of a joke over here.

Check out the campaign here.

Happy Wednesday everyone!