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Beat Saber PSVR Finally has a release date!

So I woke up this morning to a tweet that has made my Friday. Beat Saber is coming to PSVR November 20, 1998. So much Beat Saber at my place that weekend!

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PSVR is turning 2! And we can get Borderlands 2 come December!

Borderlands 2, the loot-tastic surreal and fun shooter from Gearbox, is coming to PSVR. It’s an ‘old’ game now, but I am glad we are getting a VR game that won’t be finished in a couple of hours!

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Kingdom Hearts VR Experience is coming to PSVR later this year

Apparently, I don’t have enough to keep me hyped for Kingdom Hearts 3, so Square Enix has announced the Kingdom Hearts VR Experience.

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Beat Saber VR Early Access Review

I never really got into Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but I understood the appeal and would play if given the chance. And I love swinging swords around. Beat Saber combines both into an experience that is incredibly smooth, natural, and a heap of fun!

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The Persistence is coming to PSVR this week

Virtual Reality games are great. I have been playing the Vive a lot more recently, but this week The Persistence hits PSN. People thought Resident Evil 7 in VR was too much, wonder how this will treat them…

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Sony Honorable Mentions – Ghost of Tsushima, Déraciné, Spiderman

Two gorgeous games that are as opposite as they can be. Both Ghost of Tsushima and Déraciné have made my must-play list, and not just because they are both gorgeous. Honestly, there was so much I was already looking forward to the Sony presentation was fairly flat for me this year, but I felt that there should be a Sony Honorable Mentions as these games should not be looked over lightly.

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Sony begins it’s Days of Play with the announcement of Tetris Effect

Sony is making an announcement a day in the lead up to E3. Remember when you had to wait for E3? No, just me? Ah well. The pieces will fit will in Tetris Effect!

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Time Carnage Review

Time Carnage is a stationary wave shooter that sees you travelling through time shooting everything sci-fi tropes require you to. Enemies include Zombies, Dinosaurs, Robots, and finally undead Skeleton warriors. This isn’t a groundbreaking game, but I am having a ton of fun playing it.

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Playstation VR Price Cut Coming April 2nd

I recently wrote how dollar for dollar PlayStation VR is the cheapest entry point. Coming April 2nd, it just got $130 cheaper.

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HTC Vive Pro Preorders and Vive Price Drops

Virtual Reality is an amazing experience still considered a fad by some but is making major progress overall. With the imminent release of the HTC Vive Pro, the long-awaited more refined second generation of VR Headsets is finally here.

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