Bugsnax Review

When I saw the Bugsnax trailer in the PS5 showcase earlier this year, I was intrigued. While I haven’t played Octodad, Young Horses previous game, I am aware of its almost cult status. And getting the game included with PlayStation Plus meant that I just had to play it! What did I think? Well, that’s what the review is for!

Last Week’s Gaming

Time for another round of Last Weeks Gaming! So much relaxing. The batteries are charging, and for the first time in a couple of years, I am not waiting for ‘the next thing’ to happen. It’s great. I hope you are doing well as well! But just because I have been chilling, doesn’t mean I haven’t been getting some gaming in!

Marvel’s Spider-Man (and Remastered) Review

The good part about being on holidays – I have time to rest and play games! The better part is I have time to write about them! Reviews are back, and hopefully will remain a weekly feature again And first off is Marvel’s Spider-Man, now that I have platinumed the remastered version. Is it worth playing? YES – if you haven’t played it already on PS4.

Gaming at Home – Part 1: Consoles and What about Next Gen?

All of the buzz at the moment for consoles is the next-gen announcements and specs. But if you are looking at starting your video gaming journey, current-gen has a lot of advantages – manufacturing issues have been worked out, it’s cheaper, and at the end of a console generation, you get the best performance developers can offer for that platform.