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Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot Review

Hack into the Nazi’s own systems and use their weapons against them. That is the premise of Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot. But does it deliver?

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Are you ready to enter Virtual Virtual Reality?

An early VR gem is making its way to the PlayStation this week, and I want to see if the buzz I heard a year ago still holds up.

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More Final Fantasy VII Remake info coming June

I am not a fan of the teaser announcement of an upcoming teaser announcement, but the footage released for Final Fantasy VII sure looks great!

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John Wick 3 is coming, as is John Wick Hex

It’s going to be amazing to see the conclusion of the John Wick trilogy next week. But there is still more John Wick goodness coming!

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Donut County Review

Want a game you can pick up and put down while relaxing you? Meet Donut County.

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Access Denied Review

I saw Access Denied for $8 on the PlayStation Store. I thought a bite-sized puzzle game would be fun. What did I think of it?

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Resident Evil 2 – 1 Shot Demo Review

In preparation of Friday’s release, I finally got a chance to play the demo. And I liked it. A lot. Seriously, it’s free and available for another 2 weeks – go try it!

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Tetris Effect Review

Years ago, I spent hour upon hour with my Game Boy in hand, trying to break my high score again and again. Today I can do the same thing in PSVR, totally immersed in absorbing gameplay, coupled with audio-visual wizardry.

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