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Pokemon Let’s Go Review

Pokemon Let’s Go on launch was interesting to watch. Veterans screamed it was too easy, some people couldn’t get their heads around it. But Pokemon Let’s Go is a great example of a bridge between many worlds.

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How long can Pokemon Go keep me coming back to it?

I have been thinking about a few old games recently. Pokemon Go came out in 2016 and had me on it for a good two months of solid daily play. Then like many other players, interest kind of dwindled. But how many games can you come back to after a couple of years and notice all of the new stuff happening around you?

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Pokemon Let’s Go is real, Pokemon Quest is out now, and more in 2019!

Rumours of the Pokemon Switch games were simultaneously confirmed, dashed and teased March 30th. Switch owners get a Pokemon game this year AND next year! Hey Nintendo, did you forget E3 is still a few weeks away? Pokemon Quest I am already looking over, but here I will explore what we know about the Pokemon Let’s Go games.

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Playing Pokemon Go again, Day 1 I get an Alolan Exeggutor

So what happens when you are sitting by a known Pokestop at work and decide to see what Pokemon Go is doing? You get a new form of Pokemon that’s what!

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