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Ramblings 014 – Sherlock: Last Call

And Alpal is back, so it’s a return to Clear, Concise Ramblings!

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Blatherings 017 – Apologies, Tetris 99 and Kingdom Hearts 3

While the others are away, my Video Game run continues…

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Blatherings 016 – Some tweaks are coming, and it’s been a year!

Well, one thing that I noticed after the fact is that has been up for just over a year! That flew by! But what better time to announce some tweaks and plans to the site.

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Blatherings 015 – Kingdom Hearts 3

Welcome to another Saturday! Today I give my Story Spoiler Free impression of the first few worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3.

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Ramblings 012 – Dinosaur Tea Party

Ever wanted to play Guess Who, but there was 4 of you? Never fear – Dinosaur Tea Party has you covered!

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Ramblings 011 – Roll Player

Welcome back to the first podcast for 2019! Today Alpal and I talk about Roll Player, a game I overlooked for two years, and regret every moment.

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Clear, Concise Ramblings 003 – Dragon’s Breath and Dagon’s Bones

Welcome to the third episode of Clear, Concise Ramblings! This week Alpal and I talk about Dragon’s Breath and Dagon’s Bones, two quick fun games for very different audiences

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Clear, Concise Ramblings 002 – Tower of Madness

What happens when you mix Edler Sign with Kerplunk? Tower of Madness tries to answer this question! Join Alpal and I as we discuss our thoughts after a couple of initial games.

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Clear, Concise Ramblings 001 – Dead Man’s Chest and Manhattan

We are back! Welcome to the new Clear, Concise Ramblings Podcast. Each week, Alpal and I talk about some of the games we have been playing

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How would you like to listen to some Clear, Concise Ramblings?

Saturday, we hit the road driving down to Melbourne and PAX Aus! This is going to be a great break for me. But for you a new treat – the new podcast with Alpal and I – Clear, Concise Ramblings!

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